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Welcome to cold with genetic schneider negative inspiration for a bigger better more purposeful life each share wisdom insights and gold from those living their very best lives after twenty three years and finance and a fancy s v._p. Title i left corporate corporate america to advocate for women and girls life love the boardroom and the marketplace now the c._e._o. Of my own media company my goal is to change the world for my daughter and her friends in my first book lower harnessing your pass to create your future drops late twenty eighteen and is based on what women wish they would have known when they were girls. This is purposeful content fit conversations member stations in a safe place for us to show our goals and our dreams for the future. We record every week from the sound studio at the space l._v. Everyone and ruthie aromas life knew she was going to be a doctor except ruthie. She had a ton of big ideas about fashion interior design and being a physician to the stars until her brother's untimely family duck and a trip to botswana where she got first inexperienced with women's global health after understanding how cervical cancer changed a woman's life body and personal identity. She knew she found her calling ruthie details her grief after her brother's death and how empathy has changed her as a person and as a physician we talk about a women's relationship with her doctor what women still don't know about their bodies and her awareness that we manage sex through fear in most cultures she also discusses sexual assault from the perspective of a physician and women's rights advocate dr ruth. The aroma is georgetown university trained o._b._g._y._n. With a passion to discuss health in a way that it's accessible to every woman the sole o._b._g._y._n. At texas hoogly medical associates and mansfield texas she takes care of a range of o._b._g._y._n. Concerns specializes in care for p. c. o. s. fibroids fibroids and infertility doctor is also the host of the pretty in pink podcast in order to empower women's make better decisions when it comes to their personal health and wellbeing dr dr ramallah also digs into the importance of modeling behavior and how her mother became her mentor. There is no do as i say not as i do. She talks about choosing your mentors curate creating your own social media experiences and why it's important to shoot your shot when asking someone to minto let's dig in. I am thrilled to have on with me today dr rookie of ramallah as she is an o._b._g._y._n. With a podcast purpose thank you so so much for being on my show. It's my pleasure to be here. I love what you're doing. I was sharing <hes> with the good doctor that before we got started that i love talking to women especially in professional spaces who are helping women and i know that you have a podcast. <hes> coal is pretty in pink and really think yes yeah and where you're sharing what you know about <hes> <hes> women. I'm in being a doctor and talking about wellness and i just love what you're doing. It's it's career with purpose wanted to dig into that with you and find out what led you on this this path. Why did you choose <hes> this specific. <hes> kind of <hes> route as far as medicine is concerned and how does that play into what you're doing in in life ginette <hes> i i would say that. I never really knew that i was going to be a physician. I was always told told that because i happen to be one of those girls that are one of those kids that was always somewhere in the top of my class <hes> <unk> i graduated from high school at as about who torian first black female valedictorian in my county maryland poland and i also was ahead about thinks seventy something credits for college including a._p. Classes susan taking some university classes so of course all mike hausler. Everybody was like you know to be adapted like that's just yeah how it was and i actually went to prove them all wrong. I want it to be this like you'll totally wanted to be a sex therapist. I hadn't had sex but i knew it was gonna be cool to talk to people about their most intimate parts of their beings uh-huh and i thought okay well my older sisters. Their into fashion had a sister who is a fashion bottle and she had a clothing line. Aren't you actually opened the clothing line of saying year that i was wondering from high school two thousand and three so i thought oh my god she's like the most fabulous human gene you've ever met and i wanted to be her and then my other sister was a wedding planner or more like event planners. I thought okay i could be like her. I could do interior decorating in there. We'll have the trifecta and so. I like the way for some reason i kept being pushed back. Atkin being pushed back in so i took my m cats which is the entrance exam and i did really well on it. Ah like freakishly on it and that was kind of unheard of right because a lot of people have that is in tarrant is that that exam is so crazy easy and i actually did a lot of in retrospect self sabotage in that my parents paid for princeton review course who back then was like eighteen hundred hundred dollars and i would like a way to the class twice. <hes> i went to twelve week lasts twice. I like like would come up with all these ideas as to how i shouldn't do this and adjust kept pushing me back but as i got older and i got into i started do the master's in public health and i started realizing that although i thought kay i'm going to change the world i'm gonna like nab deviated away from just trying to be like my the sisters on our way to leave my own legacy and i was like twenty one thinking about my legacy and i wanted to change the world. I wanted to change african countries countries. How medicine is seen all across the world but when i was doing that i realized i knew a lot about the epidemiology the the prevalence the incidence of different diseases but i had absolutely no idea what diabetes was. I didn't know oh what a my <unk> myocardial infarction was. I didn't know what blood clotting your legs and lungs really meant. I just knew that the this allowed to have them and we gotta stop this <hes> and so me wanting to dive deeper just like you say dive dive deeper me wanting to really get into the nitty gritty of diseases conditions. I really felt the need that i needed to become an expert in that field and so that's why i chose to go into medicine and chose to go into medicine also because i was that superficial right i. I thought i'm going to the doctor to the stars. Supplies will be the cy. I can't be the model. I can't be the interior decorator but i'm going to one up on them and i'm going to be physician to the sars i went in devotee algae all all the way and then i decided that you know during my third and fourth year medical school actually i should say this beginning of thirty of medical school. My brother passed away and so that was really devastating nash. She shifted my life in so many ways now looking back at it all these years later but when that happened. I saw this a good time to get some extra. Quote unquote call accolades that you're gonna help me better dermatology resident while dealing with the process of grief and bereavement and absolutely had no idea what i was doing. I just thought i need to be there more for my family and i don't need to be stressed out in medical school so i took this time off and i spent a yearbook lana doing medical research to end the morphing into telemedicine research what is started off as dermatology research and as i was doing it i realized that this is not for me like going in and out every day looking or cancer. It's four someone but it's not for me. I needed more. I needed more sergiy. Really that's where i signed up thought i need anymore. Surgery so i started re shadowing different <hes> specialties in botswana and i read up on this doctor dr who did what they call see intrigued see intriguing is how they manage cervical cancer health or several cancer prevention prevention in there will countries they use acidic acid which is known as table vinegar importance of edina. They look for changes in the cells at if there is a change they treated immediately because they know the once they have an active patient. That might be it for lifetime. That's what they did and i thought this was amazing but the second highest country in terms of the incident the prevalence prevalence of h._i._v. and when you have h._i._v. Your your immune system is compromised so you tend to have diseases and conditions that many people can fight off in that includes changes in your servants and that could lead to several cancer can be very devastating. It can be devastating to not just who a woman is but how you see yourself because many women end up having radiation therapy. They can't have intercourse. They can't have kids civil end up with what we call a barbie barbie pelaez with no vagina.

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