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We're not uh i don't know animals his islamic center where we're we're not enjoy your i don't know what what super countries took him in that regret it now jordan france anglian netherlands australia germany we're not one of those six big countries now where women are being raped in the streets and beaten for no reason other than you're not dealing with their shot ira law i mean it it's it's ridiculous that these wait till the end right to or demise and or demise will be these liberals are going to sit there with their hands over the rising i can't see this you know and it's it's absolutely childish and ridiculous i'm getting really tired of it i'm tony southern the people i'm really starting to resent are these privileged college kids that i i'm sorry i met him forty five years old i've been through my fair share a crap in my life and no eighteen year old privileged punk whose mommy daddy pay for everything is going to explain the world to me get ever been around long enough to explain the world's me brothers he i can't stand that either those puke little rich kids who you should want them to fail a little bit i mean as apparent econolodge it could the fails so they get that thicker skin they can figure out a way to get away out of the mess that they're in you know not fail in a bad way give there to pick them up a little bit but if you just constantly feeding them money and they just got a clear easy path to fame mommy uh told me and i i thought it was crap when i was a kid like when she went i wanted a by i feel like a playstation stuff like that and uh she got me when for christmas i broke it three months later and she made me save up in by my own and i'll tell you i still have that playstation what what he goes i on your iphone or it and i treated it like i worked for it right and the fact is we hand these kids too much and i coddled they're just baby and they don't appreciate crap but the worst part of this as we've we've brought them up to act like this in a world where.

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