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Statue they tear down mckinley was mckinley president mckinley statue that liberals are tearing down in california i think that's right the william mckinley president mckinley statue that the lefties are talking about tearing down in california they're quite amazing the confederate monuments because they had to get rid of all traces of the history of the democratic party you remember president trump saying well what next is going to be jefferson and washington well yeah it is coming for them they are that's a fact jack aren't they amazing yeah william mckinley are cut california they have an eight and a half bronze statue of william mckinley and they're getting rid of it because because native peoples which is the plural of plural i was like that people's wait a minute that's the plural of a plural like that very much i also have another story to tell and it's about my own personal life i don't talk about my personal life very often but yesterday went shooting a bunch of guns and that's and that's that's the that's as foreign in my personal life as i think this story gets but yesterday we had a great invitation myself and two of my colleagues here at the radio station in washington dc w m two of my colleagues both of whom are female colleagues neither of whom had ever laid their hands on a firearm before never touched a firearm.

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