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The other one is so odd game Suber melodramatic lush and saturated but not the book Avetissian funny. Get this get the apartment they have is conversation of the day Prego Calgary. Maybe they're walking down the street, and they just yell to the sky and that to me is peak gooey sentimental like soft. Barry Jenkins, which is an impulse. I try to reject, but I think people need to especially young black people need to be able to unleash joy in an unbridled way. And in that moment for me. It's it's I've never is my favorite moment in the film. Because I think you I want that for those characters so badly. Yes. Oh, badly the phone and KiKi you're so committed to it. It's just you know, when you grow up as a child, and you understand what relationships are families you the Brady bunch. You know, that will live what they do when that seem is the embodiment of it in, you know, some that's not in the novel. And if like it had to be in the film, and it's not my best impulses. But fuck it. I just love it. And there's like that's like one of the most heartbreaking it's in the movie like right in that scene. He says we've got all the time in the world Jack del because of what you've seen already that. It's not true, though, he says he says he says on a few things I'm thinking about you believing all make it. But, but he also says are you ready for this which is a mirror because in the opening scenes, she she he had she asked him. Are you waiting for this already anything my life and says and then because the whole movies of frayed her consciousness that it's flipped? He has. Her on this. She says Moore ready having them a whole lot. But auditing, but are they ready? How could anybody fucking Gina ready to go to Puerto Rico? Yeah, she has to go. You know, these kids have to live their lives. Graduates plenty, but what's been than what slash on dot com. I told him not to do. So. I have not but I loved it. But I think we have a rebuke from from Toronto great, thanks thinking there, you have it. I hope you enjoyed our conversation with Barry Jenkins. And I encourage everyone to go see this movie if you can if Beale street could talk has already opened in Los Angeles and New York and it arrives in theaters nationwide on December twenty fifth, please go support this movie. It's tremendous. It's it's heartbreaking. It's quiet. It's intimate. And it's one of the.

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