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Bust. A couple of things happened this weekend that are relevant to the Oscar race. I'd like to talk about that, Amanda. Yeah, they have nothing to do with Glenn Close. The first thing is that on Friday. The ace Eddie awards occurred. This is the editing guilt and their awards. I spoke to Jimmy chin Elizabeth Besser early the directors mind free solo and they were on their way after we spoke last Friday to this awards turns out that they won. That's great. That was a good winner. A bad winner was the movie bohemian rhapsody somehow for dramatic film bohemian rhapsody, which is a quick poorly. Edited movie one at the Eddie awards, and you know, I've heard a couple of cases for it. I wanted to talk through it a little bit with us. I try to figure out what happened here, obviously, people are well aware now of the story of Bryan singer and his sort of. I guess unpredictable work life in that he used sort of wouldn't appear on set some days, and that ultimately was fired from this film. It sounds like about sixty five to seventy five percent the way through shooting Dexter Fletcher came in and finish the movie. So I think what you have here is you have probably a lot of footage that doesn't always cut together. Well, and so the movie is edited in such a way that as someone pointed out on Twitter in that very famous scene in which the band meets their manager for the first time sort of like, visually incoherent. Yes. And can you say the general public doesn't pay a lot of editing is not like acting or even a general sense of directing where the general public has a great handle on the technical skills involved. And so when you're getting roasted on Twitter for editing. It's you know, things are bad. If you if you notice it. Yes, editor did something wrong. Yes. There are there are exceptions to this Hank Corwin who was nominated for vice and also edited the big short has a very Connectik hard, cutting flashy style of editing that has changed. The way outta mechanics movies. That's a rare exception. When you're watching a straight ahead studio bio pic like bohemian rhapsody, and you can notice that like somebody's head is to the left of the frame in one shot into the right of the frame and another or that, you can hear voice, but that person isn't in the room, or there's all these kinds of very small dropout failures in Bloomington rhapsody, and people are always asking us like why do you this movie so much make so many people happy, it's just really badly made. And a lot of the performances are wooden and the way that it's shot is very, blah. And obviously allies this entire history of Freddie, mercury's life, and it is dishonest about the trajectory of queens career. So it's just a messy and kind of bad movie. Now, the reason that people have been citing for its win is that this is not the editors fault that this movie was shot this way or written this way or conceived. This way, the editor gets footage as a sit down and compile it in a way to make an exciting or interesting film and draughts these a big hit and somehow the person who edited the film managed to pull this off. So sort of like a since the award for. Saving the film. Yes. Yes. Now, I would argue that the award for saving the film is eight hundred fifty million dollars, which is how much money had made nevertheless, the as Eddie awards handed this down to human rhapsody. Do I think that this means it's going to be a best-picture contender even more? So not really, but if you have a guild behind you that's significant and that just means you might get more votes. Maybe I guess, I don't know. I don't really know what's going to happen at this point. It does seem like this is more of a participation trophy than a vote of excellence, and maybe the guild award goes to the oh, it's our friends. And maybe when you're voting for best picture, you're voting for something different. I'm not really sure maybe that's wrong. Yeah. I don't know. It's also notable that Romney Malik sort of kind of spoke on the Bryan singer allegations, and sort of kind of denounce them this week. I thought that was kind of a nothing story. Definitely nothing statement. Yeah. It was definitely nothing saying it's kind of a word salad who can know the mind of God as eastern hawk one set on a film, and who can know the mind of Rami Malik, and what he knew or did not know about Bryan singer before they started making this film. I think that there's probably an entire world of of legal complication around his ability to talk about this in any meaningful way. And I think people kinda underestimate that in a time when people want to have evil denounced out loud all day on Twitter, and you know, Romney because a movie star who's at the center of a huge movie, and he has a contract, and I'm sure in that contract. There's all kinds of weird language that allows you to say or not say certain things now as a famous person he has

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