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Hey, it's Steve from the meat eater podcast. If you spend a lot of time knocking around the Woods, all the mountains, Friends, ranches, whatever. It's a lot of fun and very practical to get a dedicated rig. I have a can am defender. I use all the time and love that thing. We go down every year in January to hunt coos deer, took it down to sonora Mexico. I mean, it completely changed the experience another time. I had an oryx tag. Not on the white sands missile range, but off the off range tag outside the white sands missile range. I did it just because of circumstances we used a buddy's truck, then my buddy drew the same tag right after me. And I said, dude, take my can am down. I've made a huge mistake by not figuring out a way to get down there. He took it down. Our friends at around both hunts were like, that is the way to go. It was the perfect rig. I used to trap him in the winter. I use an ice fishing. If you're thinking about getting like a dedicated side by side, rig. Go with the can am. I like the defender. I got young kids. I got a four door and it's still got a bed. I think it's just a lot of fun. Head on over to can am off road dot com to learn more. Check out their full line of products. You can go in and like figure out, okay, this is the rig I want. I got a winch on mine. I use the winds 'cause we snow plot with it, right? Can am off road dot com. A hundred men for a living. That's how I looked at it. I went from hunting animals to me and when I capture them, that was my trophy on the wall. On this episode of the bear grease podcast, we're going deep undercover in the rough country of southeast Ohio to learn about the secret lives of wildlife poachers and the life of an undercover wildlife agent by the name of RT Stewart. He worked 18 years for the Ohio department of natural resources. He was one of the lead agents on the largest turkey poaching sting in U.S. history. He's a decorated law enforcement officer known for going deep undercover even years at a time and willing to do whatever it took to bust the outlaws. And in his career, he never had a single one of his targets suspects not be convicted of crimes. If the bad guys had known him, they'd have feared him. But they didn't, because he was a ghost. We'll hear from author chip gross, who wrote a book about RT and will interview doctor Matthew sharps of California state university about the psychology of undercover agents and the personal cost that comes with living alive. In the first episode of this series, yep, I said series, we'll meet RT and he'll show us the life of an undercover agent. And on part two we'll talk about his biggest job. You're gonna laugh, be intrigued, and you're gonna cry. I really doubt you're gonna wanna miss this one. Your whole life is lie. So you talk about stress, but when you're young and dumb, you don't even

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