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You know what? I mean I put it on. So we can have we can wash it from home. Be Proud of our own family members are our homeboys are fucking watching? TV like on TV full. Like. We don't understand I feel like our John Reid is very looked at. The blacks notice US already we're we're making noise. indie rock notices. US I did Osama Cuco on if you know what that is. I did a someone him. He notices us. We're gonNA talk about later. Yeah. He knows about us. So we're making noise. We're just not getting the recognition for it s like knowing that you're willing. And and but like like you don't even know how you are. But when you go into the tank with some food, you realize how you are. Oh wait is like. We just don't understand that because a lot of us aren't really stepping outside the box to see where we're standing at with other. John's you know what I mean. And these other genres keep in mind they don't WanNa fuck with us because we're that one I. I don't know man I. Don't WanNa, get involved boys do like we're not drama. They have that that reputation you know what? I'm saying but we kind of break down those doors reputations fucking cool MMC. We're really trying to make music now mount a lot more talented from from. Would you guys we're used to hearing you know what? We can get with the Times man like well, you know and I feel like once we can prove that should. I mean to anybody but I've seen bax mostly we can prove that to them. That's an emerging is going to happen. It's like it doesn't any other. I'm gonNA share something with you that ammonium echoing what my one of my past of guest said because he's into industry. And here's why he thinks and I'm echoing what he said. Okay this guys needs PABLITO. started. Hitting records. Invested so much money. Into Company. Signed every Chicano artist if you win the late nineties to take over everything and early two thousands never happened. Talked about it. But here's what he said. Port, not not as a whole book part of the reason why? This if you will chicano genre has never went to the next level he said this part of it is because the record companies. Hollywood if you will. Wants. Nothing to do with artists involved in gang activity exactly. Because it's not just gang activity I, it goes higher than of course, and that's something that they don't want to be involved in. But what they gotta understand as many times have changed as well and everybody's with the program, and if we can be given the chance, you know what I mean let me ask you say, say you are you know Cujo records and you got platinum artist all on your you know your resume. Okay. I come to you. You know that I am a active gang number but I'm held up my ass off. Okay. That's all. Right everything else everything else I feel I should be should be up to you. To kind of lane I might like, Hey, man like. Before papers get signed. Like, Hey, man, this is the way it's going to be if you want to be on the same, this is the way it needs to be right but if people are on the same page with you they really fucking. Ready I only. On the back burner, right? Do you think GonNa be proud of you? Already, know what you're going to bring back now you're going to. Say, you know that that that I'm still active on the streets. Okay. I'm a young kid maybe. Might Twenty years old. Just a hypothetical scenario. Okay. Are you gonNA want to invest a quarter of a million dollars on a guy that may get killed next week or possibly go through. Okay with that, I feel like that question is more like well, how dope is the mother? That dope I'm not that fucking neighborhood and get him situated better because I know I'm GonNa make money off of them. If he's mediocre, I can't. He's good. He's like he's like a an eight out of ten, seven, hundred ten I could probably find another one I can probably likely too well, then a it is what it is he's going to to do what he has to do to to come up with US I mean. But if it's something more, it's like one of those special ones. Then you're going to do what you want to do. You're going to do what you gotTa do to get extracted from that situation keeping fucking level, headed and save so he can make you money, right? Okay. That's the way I would do if he was at don't I will I would put him in his own apartment somewhere else and. Tell him that that's GonNa come out of whatever you come out of your I'm going to get that back but I'm GonNa, do that for you and show love show love show love show love so that he can he can realize man look this is what it is another under their own other avenue of you know of what you can do in life you know. A lot of people don't they don't give a fuck and I agree but. To. A certain extent, we cannot babysit. Okay because there has to want this. You got want this shit and then some right you gotta want this shit and then go do the footwork to network right and if they like you your personality the way then they might folk with you man, you think I've got another song fucking CUCO. fucking. Song Line on how to resume. I'm down man I. Someone that isn't just buck with anybody man Brian someone that just WanNa who doesn't just fuck with anybody who doesn't let me give you story before we go to break. Okay. Nine, thousand nine, hundred, Ninety, two on your guy onto a record label..

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