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You vote for many of these people want to protect guys like this because they don't want and this is what the sanctuary state bill does he would prohibit immigration customs enforcement from interviewing inmates were picking inmates up at jails with certain exceptions he would also make it difficult for immigration customs enforcement to get any information on these guys they're looking for from local law enforcement they just won't cooperate and the story goes according to this article that often these raids that were describing here are done with the help of local law enforcement to breeze on the same page and they can share information don't you want dangerous guys like these out of the country but you know that doesn't seem to be the case with the ideas of sanctuary states so that morning ice arrested five men including two who are not intended targets stopped their vehicles see that's what bothers the activists yeah because they they start picking up the collateral damage well that's going to happen more often because if we can't get this guy coming out of jail he's going to go home and we can't even get good information on where you come home we're going to find a wife and other family members or friends were also illegal and they're going to get picked up by ice so people who would have been able to swing through life without drawing any attention are now going to rounded up in fact during this round up they they found two other guys who were not intended targets rounded them up they're going to get deported as well so the the this is what she the thing is they're they're going to make the gridlock garcetti and kevin de leon are going to make life more dangerous for you because they'll be it'll take longer to track these guys down and deport them at the same time when they finally nail these people they'll probably end up deporting others were not targets other illegal aliens who did not commit crimes will be deported as well just because ice came across them in a setting at work or at school or at home if you just leave.

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