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The Bronx and queens, and Long Island Manhattan, New Jersey, they're all taking part and Florida now because we're having the Memorial Day, special, I could speak about any product. So I'm going to start off talking about green tea. Very interestingly green tea lowers the risk of breast cancer, and green tea built strong bones and away at those this it's connected. It's actually connected. So there's a number and number a great number of studies showing that green tea lowers the risk of breast cancer by about nineteen or twenty percent. That's actually pretty darn good. When you consider how many women are at risk of breast cancer. It does this by inhibiting rankle apparently rankle is a growth factor. And it goes to the rank receptor sites RAM K and interacts with a woman's hormone progesterone to build breast tissue. After menopause. That's not supposed to happen anymore. So women would too thick of breast tissue too. Too much density depressed tissue. They're at high risk of breast cancer. So one of the ways that the researchers feel green tea is lowering the risk of breast cancer by inhibiting rank and rankle. And if you do that, then progesterone cannot feel the growth of breast tissue and cannot feel the growth of breast cancer. But that's the same way green tea is helping with bone strength. When you're young osteo Protagoras on builds bone and rankle breaks down Vaughn, and there's a balance, you're replacing all broken down bonus being removed would healthy thick scoring bone. That's being produced. The problem is, as you grow older osteo protection activity declines, you're not building as much bone, but rankle still is very active and you're still removing the same amount of bone. So you're removing the bone quicker than you're replaceable. And this leads to bone disease, brittle bone disease, osteoporosis, or it's lesser version called osteo Pena, but don't be fooled by that. There's still an increased risk of a fracture would osteo Pena and people have dangerous, fractures, like a broken spine or a broken hip related to this. So the wait at green tea builds Bom is by inhibiting rankle, and stimulating osteo protection, s restoring the by slowing down removal of bone and speeding up the building of bone green tea is lowering the risk of hip, fractures, and building strong bones. So here's an actual study, proving what I'm saying as from the journal nutrition research. Dale looking at sixteen studies that combine data from one hundred and thirty nine thousand people sixteen studies hundred and thirty nine thousand people consumption of green tea is associated with increased bone mineral density. This is a meta analysis of the highest level of evidence that something either works or doesn't work. Assist a statistically significant twenty three percent reduction and fracturing, ask that that is strong. So by the same way that green tea is building bone and older people. It's also reducing the risk of breast cancer. Now, when you look at the data green tea also adds to the effects of exercise. This is cool. There's at least twenty studies. I have right now, some of them are from the university of Georgia. Some of them are from the university of Texas. And a show that when you Ed green tea to exercise they've done this and older men, they've done this and athletes, they've done. Nissim postmenopausal older. Women when you Ed green tea to exercise, you get more out of the exercise, what happens as we grow older and the starts to happen at, in our in our late thirties, early forties, muscle repair pathway, slowdown. That's one reason why as you grow older healing slows down. So as you grow older to muscle repair pathways map kinase pathways, get blocked. Green tea rescues the muscle building pathways, just like green tea helps build strong bone and reduce the risk of hip fracture by about twenty percent. Green tea adds to the effects of exercise what they found a new studies from the university of Texas and university of Georgia and other academic research, institutions. If you do green tea and conjunction with exercise, you get a lot more a significantly statistically significantly greater impact from the exercise it meant something it really meant something you had thicker bones. You gain more strength and more muscle, you burn more fat, and you got your sugar under better control. It's all good because all these things go or re with age, they all become a problem with age, so green tea does lessen the impact of aging, and this becomes important in our forties, and fifties. Not just in the seventies and eighties. And many studies show older people what more power all the people more strength. All the people at a great equipped string. They survived him. They stay healthier longer. It's really good. Green tea does a lot of good things. Also, green tea has powerful evidence that it lowers the risk for prostate cancer, and maybe even helps treat it the treatment studies came out of the university of California UCLA, the David Geffen school medicine on a similar study came out of LSU, Louisiana state university down in New Orleans, one of my favorite places on the planet. It was meant diagnosed with prostate cancer when they gave them green tea capsules, concentrated green tea. They were going to remove the prostates surgically within about a month when they gave them the green tea over three four five weeks. And then they removed the prostate cancer, they removed a prostates they found out the cancer was suffering the cancer was getting inhibited. It was getting broken down. The cats were shrinking a little bit. The cells were dying coming undernourished. It was blocking the cancer from becoming more aggressive and many other studies men at high risk of prostate cancer that Oaklawn to develop prostate cancer is frequently laugh rinsed, is a condition called high grade ten. Prosthetic enter epithelial, neoplasia and high-grade pen, the prostate cells were already mutated, they're already damaged. So it's easy for them to go into the cancer process, and generally about thirty to thirty five percent of men, what high-grade pen will develop prostate cancer pretty quickly. And two different studies when I gave men with high-grade pen, a concentrated green tea capsule at strongly blocked the process of going into prostate cancer, far, fewer men, devel- prostate cancer. So I know it has an impact against making bone. We, it has an impact on building bone on preventing a hip fracture. I know it has an impact on building muscle. That's important because we lose muscle as we age. I know it has an impact on reducing the risk of prostate cancer. And I know it has an impact on reducing the risk of breast cancer and has real physiological reasons why this happens, okay? Let's move on. We have to green tea products on.

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