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E. U. finance ministers debated sixteen hours before agreeing there should be a bigger joint response to the covert nineteen induced economic crisis among elements of the plan a hundred billion euros to subsidize wages so companies can cut working hours and not employees E. U. lending institutions will make cheap credit available to governments and businesses but the proposal does not resolve deep divisions over how to pay for a recovery plan in the longer term economic analyst Maria demerits is from the Bruegel think tank warns this will still require heavy lifting from national leaders Mauldin economics what we require is politics and some of those leaders are still in a standoff over whether to pool data to help southern countries hit hardest by the pandemic for NPR news I'm Terry Schultz in Brussels the president of Mexico says he now has a deal with president trump for both countries to reduce enough oil production to satisfy demands from the organization of petroleum exporting countries NPR's Carrie Kahn reports Mexico had threatened to derail an OPEC agreement to lower oil output worldwide president address Manuel Lopez Obrador said he had received assurances of the U. S. assistance with the oil cuts in a phone call with president trump Thursday night Mexico will cut production by one three thousand barrels a day and the U. S. will add to the cat with another two hundred and fifty thousand barrels a day OPEC leaders have been asking Mexico to cut up to four times as much Mexico is contributing said Lopez Obrador but it nearly twenty five percent reduction was too much to ask he said worldwide demand for oil has dropped dramatically due to the corona virus pandemic Mexico's president has made boosting oil sales a big source of national revenue one of his major policy goals since taking office in December two thousand eighteen Kerry con NPR news Mexico City Reuters is reporting that according to a letter released today from the inspector general's office the U. S. treasury department followed proper procedures in denying the U. S. house of representatives access to president trump's tax returns house ways and means committee chairman Richard Neal and may twenty nineteen issued a subpoena demanding the administration turned over six years of trump's returns you're listening to NPR news live from KQED news I'm Brian what governor Gavin Newsom says his administration wants to delay California's fishing season his remarks came hours after state wildlife officials canceled an emergency Telemedia to consider postponing recreational fishing season due to concerns that fishermen will flock to reverse when they should be sheltering at home KQED's Peter R. Cooney has more the California fish and game commission scheduled the public call in meeting to discuss if the state will suspend sport or recreational fishing because of covert nineteen but the commission postpone that discussion it says due to technical challenges as right governor Gavin Newsom you're short inches fishermen his daily press briefing we are not ending the season we just want to delay it a little bit and work with the counties to keep everybody protected Newsome said an official decision to delay the fishing season hasn't been made the commission plans to meet again next week I'm Peter Cooney KQED news Santa Clara county has launched a one stop hotline to help people facing financial hardship because of the pandemic apply for safety net programs San Jose city council member my Esparza says people who just lost their jobs are often unaware of how to get help.

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