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I let's get rusty McGrady on here one more time full but chilly conditions across the area the next several days skies will clear on this Monday becoming fairly sunny in the afternoon but the high today of just sixty one make sure you grab the jackets when you head out clear a pretty cold for tonight the morning low tomorrow the metro down to forty one some northern areas in the thirties and sunshine for tomorrow with the high is just fifty four on channel nine meteorologist rescue a grainy rusty it's gorgeous outside just grab a little jacket or a light sweater and you are good to go right now we're at forty seven degrees in Orlando that's it St touch the cure to triple team trafficker frowns up there what do we do have a couple delays although the ride over all is good yeah pretty much really the attraction the sand the holiday you gonna be slowing it up by thirty two what I bore use about the national park wait a five thirty five outside of that you're good to go in both directions our near one listing integrity one hundred percent satisfaction protek air conditioning plumbing services online at protek AC dot com they have a service technician area with traffic alerts every six minutes in the morning or when you get to work on time I'm at Torrance news ninety six point five W. D. V. L. news ninety six point five W. D. B. O. FF Orlando Orlando's news a **** media group station would buy windows solutions listen everywhere in the news ninety six point five four one case fluctuate but the demand for child care never done get maximum our ally on the rest of your life by only the Goddard school franchise we have four locations immediately available near you visit franchise Goddard dot com to start your journey to success here's a little man Tate what spread the blanket out right here Hey look up says what does that say army army what it says will you marry me I can only afford so many letters that the ring broke the bank it's what happens when you don't go to international diamond center see it IDC we believe getting the ring ever dreamed shouldn't mean breaking the bank or having to cut corners.

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