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Went the rockets twenty point lead was gone, but a great ending with three steps beyond the line shoots. And triple two seconds to go on the quarter half court Tucker. Tucker gets off a contested. The third quarter horn what an answer for J Tucker. That's what Europe going Durant out of four rockets are in double figures. Three for the warriors Durant with twenty six Tori with twenty. We go to the four suicide without James harden. Ninety two Golden State with everybody eighty six back to Oakland. Jon, barry. Here's marquesses shirt. That's right. Kev. Add speaking of James harden that was reminiscent right? The overtime game winner. You two guys draped on him on a game winning three late second. I was about four or five feet from that spot eating go blast like EJ, but good answer. And look you gotta take your hat off to the rockets up to the Golden State run. They take the lead the team's gonna fold. They have not done that violon shop, and they got the ball to open this fourth quarter. Eric Gordon working out on the right angle. He's going to shoot a three over cousins. And he's gonna hit a three they're hitting their three pointers tonight. And they've taken a nine point lead. That's fifteen of 'em out of thirty six over forty percent from downtown. Warriors are eleven for twenty eight Houston struggle with the three ball in Los Angeles Thursday night. Crowd which was loud in the third quiet here. High low pass green pushing off they'll call the offensive foul on him as he grabbed the pass, but gets called for the foul. Well, and he was a whisker from getting technical he swung his arm. The official put his whistle back in his mouth and looked down on the he'd said one thing that was technical number fourteen. That's right. Remember sixteen and you get the automatic one game suspension. He's sitting on thirteen rockets the other way, Gordon, penetrates and kicks corner. Three Farid, MRs and Klay. Thompson has the rebound. Thompson warriors down nine frontcourt. Left-wing goes to Shaun Livingston outside the mid post, Gordon covering Livingston looking outside. Cousins DeMarcus drives baseline ball knocked away. Got it back lost again himself out of bounds. The sixteenth warriors turnovers. This we've seen a lot of those place from cousins tonight. He he's taking a step back. He looked better than his first couple of weeks came back. Don't you tonight? Third quarter defense good. Rest of the game not so much. Austin rivers top will drive right side, flips it to new cans and other medium range j from the right way boxes Houston team. This is impressive. Big time. They've got an eleven point lead ninety seven Eighty-six after blowing a twenty point advantage ten and a half to go in the game here in Oakland. Demarcus cousins turns missed it. No. They're going to call a goaltender Farid that ball wasn't in the cylinder. I understand. It's going to be a goal him. Because it hit the backboard of dot ball was no question coming out to Mark dantonio saying the same thing, there's no way that ball's going to the basket. They put two on the board for the warriors who trail ninety seven eighty eight ninety seconds into this fort Gordon thought about three on top flips. It today got back tipped away cousins. The steel DeMarcus Dow court left side play step back three. No, good rebound, the nays got it. Give it to Gerald green. Is we cross ten minutes to go or what a huge win. This would be if the rockets can hang out on the road, green dribbling steps beyond the arc is three point or not bear rebound for who puts it back in trouble spot to for Golden State rebounding defensively. Here's Draymond green. Giving it to Thompson out of the right wing trailing ninety nine eighty eight feet in the post to green foul got the shot up Gerald green. Having a top night out. There gets called for the personal Draymond adds to the line. Four on Gerald dream on second field, always two for six at time leading Farid. No. Should be interesting. The way Houston is played tonight J B and more away from a ways from the Hamptons five lineup. But with the the bigs Houston's played would you want DeMarcus cousins on the floor late with the size Houston? Couldn't put typically Steve Kerr's gone away from DeMarcus cousins at the end of the ball games when they've gotten tightly play a little bit of smaller lineup. Another free throw him this from very much. Route by Gerald green Houston leading ninety nine ninety nine and a half to go off another blown lead in Los Angeles. Here they are with Austin rivers for three that MRs boogie cousins season-high fourteenth rebound. The big man will bring it up court gives it to Thompson bounce for cousins. Corrals at baseline left fine, Shaun Livingston right underneath the basket. I can really passed the basketball to six eleven guy on the move great presence of mind to find Livingston US Open right on the. Oh. Seven point game ninety nine ninety two Houston. Chris Paul hurtling top out to the right?.

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