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But it leads it. Did it lead to improvement. Fresh foods being introduced in schools. But maybe not so much focus on the education and then about six or seven years ago. Our chair henry dimbleby cairo. The school food cotton which led to amongst other things. See introduction of things that you invested. Preschool will out who Younger children in primary schools. Get completely free school meal it. Let's get getting rid of this kind of nutrition me by sway of creating menu which was very and technical base acumen that chefs had to tight menu into a computer system to work out the precise bannon suf- macro micronutrients and was kind of sucking innovation out souvenir development and it also led to school cooking in schools. Being put back on the curriculum is a requirement children up to key stage three so just when entering secondary school have to included about cooking. suites Gone on a journey. And i i would be lying if i saw him today and said oh everything's terrible in every everywhere assist doing beige boring food. But i guess we think this still too many schools. Not -cially despite the improvements. There is a kind of emphasis on in kitchens. Kind of pocket mixes and beige food. Being served up the council on counters and feeding in costumes the not being tour to tool or when it is to being around kind of things like cakes and trade bikes and make a basic free solid and not really giving kids the skills when they leave schools to be able to cook properly for themselves. So yeah i think. I think that's probably where we all have been. Big improvements has been trailblazers. Come before and we just kind of now coming in and saying actually they're always doing things differently. Still that can make even better. Yeah okay makes sense. I guess a lot of this as well. You know so thinking about as you were chatting is that this move to sort of over processed food and the type of food that was in schools was really just reflecting what was going on out screens as well as you get. Forty fifty s. Everybody was making fresh. Fade was there wasn't really processed food. Food was made in fact resources towards schools just sort of ran in parallel and hopefully the same thing is happening But i guess it's happening nations in. Some people are becoming increasingly sensitive about whether food comes from. And whether whether it's fresh whether it's process whole foods whether it's will ganic but at the same time there is still a lot of shit out there as well as the excuse my french. What is the sort of the health side of you've got this policy side of is while so i think i was reading the one point. Three million kids today qualify for free school meals but it's full million children potentially living in food insecure households. What does that mean. What's your understanding around the sort of the welfare and unpublicized food. I think i think the to kind of inextricably linked right because she needs to the areas with the highest levels ashamed economic deprivation and you find that levels of childhood obesity on should offer higher than anywhere else in the poorest areas when three kids leaving primary school i pace and you compare that across..

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