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To monitor how the storm will track throughout across northeast Florida and probably scheduled to head into the Carolinas. Later through Thursday. Ailsa has winds up to 65 miles an hour and could dump up to six inches in some spots of the peninsula. President Biden says the U. S. Is shocked and saddened by the assassination of Haiti's president. Today, you need a lot more information, but it's that's just it's been very worrisome about the state of hate President called the Killing of President to Novell, Maurice Heinous Act I. R. S records show Americans refused, paid back or failed to cash over 1.2 million checks of the first round. $1200 stimulus checks issued under President Trump's administration at the beginning of the pandemic and amounts to $1.7 billion of unclaimed stimulus cash. Colorado has over 23,000 unclaimed checks from the first stimulus round totaling over 30 million. That's enough to pay off the damage caused by the January 6th White House. Riot Rockies gave up three in the first and one of the nine to lose 43 last night in the desert and chalk up their 32nd road loss of the season. One of the reasons Kyi announcer Jack Corrigan gave them an incomplete grade at the mid season. Mark Young guys having chances to play are are starting to show some things, but not to the level of of where they want to be, and I think it's going to be a very important second half. Rockies play the Diamondbacks again tonight. Our coverage starts seven Rapids in action tonight, the host Minnesota United, it takes sporting goods Park at seven comedy icon Jeff Dunham is coming to Colorado. Some of you know what's going on this evening. I have little people in boxes. And I got to tell you the way security is at the airports nowadays when you try and check in with a small person in your life, Jeff Dunham seriously tour will stop at the Budweiser Events Center September 30th pre sale Those starts tomorrow at 10 A.m. for $53.50. Our next news update is at 11 30. I'm Chuck Clark on K Away. NewsRadio, 8:50 A.m. and 94 1 FM. If you've got an insurance question, you could talk to your nana. But she'd probably just tell you how she insured her couch from stains by covering it with plastic. Or.

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