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Are there any flip story speaks Mexico? He's, he's not a talker show. Just uses hooks a ton. Per up with it with his hook. I guess he was an actor I and then started the physics. The silent film era. LA talkies a longest seen without dialogue. How long was the script nine pages this episode? I thought he would be opening. Laura talking. Don't walk through, gene. No matter with that grabbed scissors now going to cut his hair article. Well, he could have a business where he cut hair. This is all impressive. By the way, he's, he's sizzling. Here's the word. The I, I guess this is just a slow Caballo him in how how desk areas with his able body? All right. Well, anyway, max RAD, if he does say, anything, let us know the hour long episodes co-stars. Oh man. Wow. JJ arms still alive, isn't their credit? Does it very long arms? Yes. Him exclusively nothing but JJ arm just doing everyday household things with to not speaking thinking, considering during there was dating. There is an action figure. It's a crazy. You can't make this stuff up. And he was, it was just one of the run of the mill guest guest stars on a seventy show. Guys. I'm trying to think. We had in the seventies we had these things we first off. We have these sort of human interest, fascinations stories. We had like those incredible people. And those while this whatever's good people like you look at evil knievel evil knievel was probably the most famous person on the planet for maybe a decade. He was known everywhere to everyone on the planet. There was action figures. There was evil knievel, the movie starring George tan guy. Judge? So here's how famous evil can evil is in one stretch. There's evil knievel the movie with a young George Hamilton playing evil knievel. And then there's a movie called Viva knievel starring evil knievel as evil knievel. So imagine there's who movies out. Freddie. Mercury was still alive, and they had MO hime ramp the out. And then another one, he'll Freddie, Freddie, with him out at the same time like that. That's not him famous, so we have these, like personalities or think of Howard Cosell. You know what I mean these big personnels that everybody just knew. Sometimes they didn't even possess a skill like I mean, not a scale but what they weren't actors there were everyone knew Muhammad Ali, but that's a little something else. And then the richest these big personalities and Howard Cosell's Riva knievel's, and your things, and they did stuff, but we were char- house. Yeah, yeah, chara, we're always looking for the next who is this thing that we can all get excited about detective, who was missing his arms named JJ arms. And there were certain yardstick t measure, like, if you got an action figure after you that, that, that meant something if you're showing up on TV shows, and we had all these kind of Friday night shows where they're talking about those crazy, people are the most amazing people when we love these weird human interesting. So I don't know if we're so much that way. Now, maybe the internet is help that or hurt that or there's. Too many names or too many people. I mean saturated how, how many famous people, there was no such thing as a famous person that a whole group of people had heard of when I was a kid. Now, when you go the BT awards, and you start going through all the rappers go, this guy famous, this guy's multi-platinum blah, blah, blah, like, okay, I'll take your word for that. I do not know that name, even if you were foreign, you reach certain level of Palay, or Bjorn Borg, everyone knew who that was back in the day, who knew jussie, small let was before the thing..

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