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In one and then i also chose the category names by the first category we'll talk about is like a a classic old school jeff probst side to him that we don't really see any more and then out of the one the middles can be one that we still see a little bit of this in presentday probes and then the last one will be very much something that presentday probes does but these are the early integration of it was ought to be kind of like going to time here through these fifteen clip the evolution of the three jobs mckay paul karang what is the first piece that you want to start before it up into that i said you're also want to say too there were some moments out there that i realize will with watching these jeff probst clips is that sometimes he's funny with his face and his reactions he makes him in everyone talks about you'll the candice and the the building moment the face he gives at treble councilman and realize that sometimes it was hard to find actual audio clips there might be something skip over here just because it does not translate while to a podcasts at all but the first season that i wanted jump into here's my personal favorite season just for style gic sake in the season i know absolutely the most about i'm pretty sure i could quote most of the season for you if he wanted to of you've probably want the first half of the season that the second half of the season of going to go to the australian outback and this category working with number fifteen through eleven is what to called to close probst or as a workshop and some stuff with mike my said you really good at puns in the literature stephane he kinda called this predatory probst which might be a little bit stronger than i would go for with this but just nydia in the old days.

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