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Five two time superbowl champion college football hall of famer the one and only tony casillas. Dc up. you know how about yourself. I'm doing well. I have a very particular question for you. Then i'm excited to ask. Are you ready for it okay. What was a personal. It's not. I guess it kind of is but it's not long deep this morning so well my question is i often find myself amazed at my phone and the number of things i can do from i like the other day my wife and i were at a time when we were just kind of going over like oh you know. We need to make sure we do this. Whatever news like oh we need more treats for the dog. Boom amazon ordered on the way. Look at me. i'm taking care of stuff and so my question to you is because right now. It's super hot outside. Like always is lowered. The air right from my phone. Just what a. What a problem solver. I am so my question to you. Tony is what is your. What is the most the most amazed you ever feel in terms of things you from your like. What do you do from your phone that you're like man. I can't believe i get to do this from my thumb. Probably order anything that. I want when it's whether it's apple pay or by the way Do not give your personal information. And that's another story With my phone. That i can do in my computer. I use my phone. Probably more now than i've ever used it before because you can. You can have access to your computer this state and everything you need to do but probably anything i want. Is you mentioned raccoon. Control the temperature. Your house Probably what i working on now is to turn my sprinklers on from the spend my phone But i think everything general rj in the fact that you can spend so much damn money on your phone okay. So probably probably that. It's so easy to get any. I tell you. I think the best thing is directions. Gp but that we've had that for a long time. That's not a new thing. You know well. But i mean the fact that you can control the jury you know your temperature hall and you know. Turn all the lights and everything else when you come home. It's been around for a couple of years a welcome to the twentieth century. Rj by the way An come from an old man I think the success. Yeah anything that you want that you've ever dropped their futuristic. You can access at your phone. The sprinklers is a good one. I don't have like a grill where i can check the temperature and stuff on my phone. But that's a good one too even though security for sure if you had the security can access and you can be somewhere and you can you know abbas security camera you can watch what's going on so probably that okay. Good tuck Well the today's conversation has nothing to do with that. It's just ended. i was curious about. We really. don't have a template for today. show. Just kinda like riffraff in things on our mind. In fact when i texted you tony on monday night and said like hey let's talk about whatever you had a particular thing that you just like immediately throughout so this is just kind of the the macon spaghetti. Have you ever thrown spaghetti at all. Like i've never done that. Have you ever actually done that. Took solent. I will tell you something that started. It may start on my day off yesterday. Saw my son moved home for the summer from from college stuff out in the garage. I'm not trying to be organized at something. I kind of laughed. And so you know your garage. It's a little cluttered up and stuff and it depends on the person so matthew moving to stop and there's a can of a gallon of paint on top of a table and i'm getting ready to leave our j. Go out the door to go gym workout. Knock it off spilled up splattered all over my garage my garage floor so i haven't. I don't spaghetti in the wall. But i did learn that it make sure that you paint. Do not knock it off because it does not start your monday off very well right while teasing piece for you tony. But i've never. I don't know i forgot why brought spaghetti but anyway no kind of direct. I'm just curious what brought that fatah so like us like you see that like in movies right like people throw spaghetti to wall to see if it sticks so right now are this episode is like throwing stuff at a wall to see that sticks and so the things right the thing you throughout last night when we were talking was city lamp. And i know you weren't saying this like you didn't believe it But we. I know we had an article last week. At the site. Blocking the boys dot com. I was at a town over the weekend to shut it to the staff. Who carried me. While i i do some different stuff. But one of the articles that we had was kind of discussing the idea of cd lamb potentially establishing himself as the dallas cowboys top fighters for this season now. She comes from the second grade school in the world opposite taxes in number one and upon his entering the nfl. Everybody knew that it was really a matter of time until cd established himself as the alpha within the cowboys wide. Receiver group In a lot of different ways. He's obviously very physical. He's going to continue to get larger. And establishes physical presence after the catch. He is one of already the best writers series in the nfl. that was Kind of his hallmark at oklahoma. So tony do you think that's possible that this could be the year. That cd could really separate himself from amari. Cooper michael got that much on the solar interested in your money goes on social media. People react so differently. Like i will no one suspect You know a coupe and ryan rice leading land. He's paid a market a ton of money. But it i just what you bought up as far as what he can do in space. I think he's a guy that brought in the eventually be number one receiver on the stand And i think there's got to be a point where they find out she the guy that's gonna give them more yards after. Catch nothing to say. Cooperte guys ballance. It's got but seated rings a different dynamic than amar thick amari. And here's what would great the sunday guys working together singing can. Can you can watch. And learn from mark cooper things like amari is a guy that's really is willing to share his knowledge a lot of guys thrill inferior about some guy take a job. Little insecurity don't may not want to share that but just watching. How mark cooper runs routes. But i think this is the year that look. I think they need to be able to get the ball. More to your lamb. More design place and give him an opportunity to really showcase.

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