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The WGN forecast. Here's meteorologist Tom skilling on the way. Again, we've got an Berta clipper coming in from the northwest. We expect precipitation to start in the hours after midnight could start as a wintry mix but switch over to wet snow men. Periods of wet snow will continue into Saturday. They'll diminish away from the lake in the afternoon, but some lake affects no showers could keep at least periods of snow going into Saturday night. Warmer weather expected by mid week next week thanksgiving could she have forty eight Chicago was sunshine, but tonight, cloudy, wet snow developing after midnight, possibly beginning rain or a wintry. Mitch low temperature thirty eight Saturday, wet snow. Diminishing away from Lake Michigan during the afternoon, but lake effect snow showers could continue shoreline locations in northwest, Indiana, snowfalls of one to two inches possible. From I eighty north a few areas could see more than that. But totals will taper off rapidly south high thirty five Saturday, Saturday night, cloudy lake effect, snow showers. Shifting the Indiana by morning, low twenty seven and Sunday opens cloudy with some flurries. Lingering in northwest, Indiana, but clearing late morning and afternoon, high thirty eight Monday, increasing clouds thirty eight Tuesday, partly cloudy could be some flurries. Snow showers near the lake only thirty six on Tuesday by Wednesday will break above forty with partly sunny and milder, weather and forty three for a high from the WGN weather center. I'm Tom skilling right now here thirty seven midway thirty nine Naperville thirty six the winds blowing from the west at ten miles.

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