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One zero four one five eighty eighty eight ten follow me on Twitter, Samir tweets at Ethan Bearman. So this Jamie Kloss kidnapping is absolutely amazing on so many levels. And joining me to give us the latest on what we know. And what's happening and unfolding about this case Westwood One. Correspondent Steve Kastenbaum. Steve. Thanks so much for coming on the show today. Thanks for having me. So what what do we know? Right now is as I understand the suspect is actually being arraigned in Wisconsin court is that right? Will be making his first appearance in court shortly. He is facing charges of homicide homicide charges and kidnapping, but we don't know a whole lot about this guy. Still to this moment. There's still a lot to be learned about him a very low profile type of person really not much of a presence online family. Isn't speaking doesn't seem like a lot of friends. He's quite the mystery. He also, according to eat, Barron county sheriff's office did not know, Jamie clauses. Family didn't have any interaction with the parents, but he's accused of killing before abducting thirteen year old daughter and kidnapping, you're holding her captive for almost a full three months. I mean, this is one of those miracle stories, you know, I was I was just talking a little bit about Elizabeth smart and the tragic murder of Polly Klaas here in the bay area twenty five years ago. In kind of where they're similar in different from this case. But you know, her parents were just shot and murder. I mean, the the part that's such a weird mystery of just all of it. There's always the the why did she get kidnapped? Why did whatever somebody get murdered? He went and killed her parents first, and then kidnapped her through her in the trunk of his car, and the sheriff said that people planning to this that she was definitely has his target and that the shotgun give it to the house and to murder, the parents, according to the charges against so this is definitely something. That was premeditated. As far as the detectives are concerned. Even though he didn't appear to have any regular interaction with this family. And and how he came to know that the girl remains to be seen. And what I saw one other little bit of evidence that I find utterly fascinating. Steve Kastenbaum, Westwood One. Correspondent joining me on the phone. We're talking about Jamie, Kloss kidnapping and murder of her parents case where she has reappeared and seems to be okay. And is is safe now away from the alleged murderer and kidnapper. But I heard Steve I don't know if you've heard this too. He shaved all of his hair. So he wouldn't leave that kind of forensic evidence behind the scene of the crime. Did you hear that? Yeah. That's right. That's according to the barren county sheriff said that he took steps to conceal himself from police and those steps included shaving his hair. So he wouldn't leave on any sort of a evidence. So where do we where do we what do we know now then so at this point? So she reappeared there was a woman out walking her dog. And then all of a sudden, there was Jamie lightly clothed for Wisconsin winter day saying, I don't know. Where I am. And I'm Jamie is that right? Basically. And she's extremely fortunate that this woman was walking her dog at the time that she was on that on that screen because it's a very very sparsely populated rural area. And this was a collection of just a few homes in this one location, and it's one development, I have very heavily wooded area. And as she got out of the house while Patterson was away, according to police and started walking looking for help and came across this neighbor who just happened to be walking her dog at the time. And and then they were actually afraid that the alleged kidnapper was looking for her. And that's ultimately how the police caught him. Wasn't it that he was out looking for her? That's right. The thirteen year old was able to give sheriffs and information, including name, the color of a car, which was read and they were able to use the information. She gave them to make an arrest of this suspect. It's such a bizarre case. Steve Kastenbaum, western one. Correspondent joining me on the phone right now. Jamie close again, we know so little about the alleged suspect in this case for him to commit what is a very heinous series of crimes. I mean, the murder of her parents the kidnapping the abduction. We don't know yet. If if it will turn out that what happened to her with similar to Elizabeth smart, for example, where she's been very forthcoming about what was done to her on a daily basis. There's no evidence that this this individual had any contact with police, according to the sheriff's department. That's right. He apparently lived at this house in Gordon Wisconsin at some point with his father or was owned by his father at some point. But it had recently been signed over to a Bank or a little bit around the time that this kidnapping took place and yet he was still living there. The house is kind of it samples if you look on the inside there's some photos that have appeared that show that only been partially finished on the inside feeling the outside that neighbor said it was with all sorts of the breed garbage and broken vehicles. So bizarre. Now as I understand it. So I saw actually just moments ago. I saw go across the ticker that he's apparently going to reveal something about why he did this have you heard anything about that yet? I have not seen that update shortwhile ago. They were still trying to find out the why behind this. And they said they were going to be taking their time and doing that because their priority was to do what was best for Jamie clause. They didn't wanna press her too much and complicate what is already an extremely difficult situation for her and she tries to become reacclimated to life at home in the wake of he kidnapped that her parents being murdered. Yeah. It's just it's such a I mean again horrific story with a with a happy, you know, outcome here that Jamie was found and she's safe and she's in a safe place now with her extended family as her parents are no longer with her. Here on on this planet and they're in their bodies as they were murdered by allegedly by this suspects. Steve Kastenbaum, Westwood One. Correspondent Steve thanks for giving us the latest on what's happening with Jamie clause. Yeah. Really appreciate it is such a devastating story. Who are these? People still I need to go back and read like, psychological profiles. You know? The. May mail. I don't even wanna say man, the male. Who is who kidnapped Elizabeth smart? For example. I'm still trying to understand why you pick up some you kidnap some teenage girl some Earl early teenage girl. And and I don't understand this at all. I don't understand what happened. Whoa. With Polly class. I don't understand what these I mean. I don't know a better word than monster. These men who've committed these acts, and I sincerely hope that everybody. I just re tweeted out I saw from Jake tapper the official go fund me for Jamie Kloss. Started by Jamie's cousin. Sergey tweeted out. So I just retweeted it, and I just hope she gets all the help. She needs. Elizabeth smart is very forthcoming and saying look the best way to get back at these people is to be happy and to live a healthy life. That's what Elizabeth smart is saying..

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