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A Welcome back to coast to coast George Noory with you, Professor James McKinney with us. We'll take calls with Jim as well. What do you think of the human endeavor for space anyways, James Well, it's happening. You know you have people like Richard Branson just went into space. Jeff Bezos? Yep. You in mosque You mentioned, uh, Bigelow, you know, working for many years on the space hotels. These people not only have vision it's not just the toy that they which people just throw some money into this is these are business people looking at the next big business and its outer space. And I mean, I'm I'm working on that myself. I've been working around other space things for decades. But now I'm making an actual move to get physical equipment in outer space. And so it's it's happening. It's we are there right now. The state of New Mexico has their launch system there. Spaceport America, other places. Other foreign countries are establishing similar locations. And so, um, it's on its way. What about propulsion systems? James? Are you working on anything like that? Oh, absolutely. Yeah, I've had for your decades. In fact, in the early 19 eighties. I was in Los Angeles, working with venture capital groups on my electromagnetic propulsion systems. And so that's the that's the method for long term space travel. And there's some very interesting properties. I gave a talk In 2000 and three at the UFO International UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada, called electric Highways to the stars. Remember that? How do you do you ride the electrical currents that are in the galaxy and in the solar system. Uh, for propulsion systems and so and also it can be used in the atmosphere anywhere. You have make debt, electric currents or magnetic fields. So, yeah, those and plus the everybody's working on heavy lift rockets. My believe is that runway to orbit is the method and then you come back and you land on a runway. It's much cleaner. It's uh, you know, I'll comment on Branson and Bezoza just went up into space. They didn't have space suits and helmets and all this stuff than to pumping, you know, they had a jumpsuit, and it looked like they were strapped into an SUV. You know, no helmet, just, you know, smiling, laughing and talking and space is a different place. I think we've been handed kind of the wrong picture that it's so difficult to get into space with billions and billions of dollars program from the government. These people are doing it with much less money, and you know it's Certainly they're taking baby steps, you know, and musk will be the first person to actually go into orbit. Which is a different you have to get up to orbital velocities 17,000 miles an hour, But it's happening. It's all happening. Were you in a space student in high school? Yeah, I was one of those weird kids that wrote my own book, math books and things like that, and the kids laughed at me. You know, not not not mean, just jokingly. You know you were the brainy, the brainiac in school, right? Not in the whole subjects, Not in all subjects. You know, History and civics. I probably got bees or something. But Physics and math. Yeah, I was in science, science courses you waste. I'm sure. Yeah. All right. Let's go to the phones. Let's pick it up by going to Brendan in Austin, Texas. Hey, Brendan. Thanks for calling. Thanks so much, everybody, George and professor You're welcome. So one thing that I really like about coast to coast I got to say is that we have both professors and we have common people that come on, and I really like that. We have a tremendous variety of people. Yeah. So I have a quick hypothetical, um That I had seen online and I really like this idea, and I wanted to bounce it off the professor and that if we were to build underground Aqueduct system with steam And water That way we could channel the water from one place to another. Like in New York. They're flooding in California. We need water because they're on fire over there. We could use gravity as much as possible.

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