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Of it. Well, not a bad situation to take over. You get to play under Lincoln Riley. You have a good offense as they did lose some pieces from a year ago, But many people still expect them to not only win the big 12 to go to a college football playoff spot if you win the big 12, especially maybe only three power. Five conferences participating in the college football playoff this year have run Spencer Rattler, though you see Baker Mayfield. When a Heisman go first overall U C collar Murray when the high has been go first overall, and then Jalen hurts being the Heisman conversation. Behinds been finalised, then get drafted early in the second round by the Philadelphia Eagles have a bright future young man because you played Oklahoma under Lincoln Riley. Let's hear from Andy Reid. You wear it for special occasions. Or if you want a free cheeseburger, you just point there Shona ran, you might get one. But I mean, there's been such hard work that's gone into it. Clark Hunt, habia hunt the hunter family have gone above and beyond. With this Mark Donovan organizing this whole thing for the players in a crazy situation has done phenomenal. So in his crew, I mean, they they got a great job. Think about it. This guy finally won the first Super Bowl. His first Super Bowl after all those years of heartbreak in Kansas City and Philadelphia. So what can you ring getyou A few cheeseburgers? Hopefully. Gotta love Andy Reid stock up. Let's hear from a man.

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