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Why are we playing that music well first things first because we can because we like in music the number two because we're breaking the rules we having a spin off of the sick the opening of our second hour my friend a great American patriot and a guy I think look Christopher reeve was gray but perhaps the quintessence of the man of steel was portrayed by outkast dean Cain deny you that I am here and I am so happy to be here Sir I don't know if we've discussed this if you build the show since then I might be a senior moment but you hosted at the the on the Gaza of the heritage foundation not too long ago he here in DC and you did a very impressive job doing so kudos to you I appreciate that doctor gore okay like if I recall correctly that was also the evening of your birthday Sir shout outs to to do it were summer surround by five thousand of my friends thank you dean dean let's let's get to business we have to talk about this the circus it's going on on Capitol Hill but first things first you recently performed this incredible play I believe it was filmed as well with your friend where you performed the stroke and page texts were you a little surprised by the interview with the daily beast this Sunday from Lisa page who says well she's the victim dean yeah that was a big shocker of the week we we got a chance to perform the with all the F. B. I. love birds yes and it was a lot of fun to do but we were just using their words verbatim toward each other of course as actors we have a little fun with it and it was all done with a smile and a wink and a nod because the things they were saying was so outrageous so the idea and it showed such incredible bias at and and their positions at that level it's just it's just kind of peel back the onion and showed what was happening inside and I think the fact that she's coming out now claiming that she was a victim is absolutely ridiculous I think you try to get ahead of the the the the coverage for the door report especially and I just think it's going to be that absolute disaster for now you actually have to perform this with who is a Christian Swanson right you can predict what's ahead so you perform this you have to you know I guess I'm not an act of war but you're supposed to get into the psyche of the people you're playing sports you the real people these text talk about things such as god make sure he doesn't when he's not going to win is he and then your response as stroke was though he'll never when we have a plan not exactly sounds like a victim doesn't know not a victim at all Russian yeah you're having to play this what is the impression that you got of these two people in the Obama administration our our when you play a character you got to be at this I have an idea of what the motivation would be yes Peter struck motivation was he thought he honestly saw himself as Superman I mean it's so that I got this today what I got to play the character and then this came out he thought he was great does he think he thought he was doing good I don't think he even saw what the ridiculousness of what he was doing in the partisanship of what he was doing because he felt so secure that he was just so right and and I think that was true for probably Lisa page as well now granted they were having an affair at the same time they thought that was okay to I guess so like you when you get into the psyche of play the guys I played Peter struck as the Peter struck love Peter struck Peter struck was having an affair on his wife with Lisa page and also with Peter struck because I think he was his favorite person in the world stick on this is really fascinating with talking to dean Cain you know who he is he's Superman as Lois and Clark follow him of real dean Cain coconut nobody's listening so just all but also personal questions about two million people listening do you get annoyed if people introduce you with that music and some of the okay so you never get side you listen if I did play a different character is a large maybe that's the case but I love the character Superman the funny thing with me is that when it whenever somebody once you will disagree with me I have an argument with me they immediately traveler terrible Superman I was I always figure that's our victory by means of Superman okay that's nothing to do with this impeachment inquiry but okay that's another ad hominem but it's a pretty cool one because at least you did get to play Superman it's like that old a quote from a bomb when he said to Mr trump at least I will have been president drew member that classic what I remember okay mean tweets at him all I believe it yes our record may twelfth no did not okay let's get to the the news that would fall to much fun here on America for us in the Salem radio network with a buddy the dean you you said something very interesting now a stroke is at the center of the attempt to take down the candidacy of president trump and then the presidents of candid candidate of president trump love himself more than anybody else is potentially a theme for everything with seeing whether it's colonel vin men with its Fiona hill whether it's whether it's chairman map let these people love themselves so much for this so convinced of their own rectitude they think that they're smarter and they have more rights than the sixty three million Americans that actually elected a president is is there isn't a certain level of vanity don't you think level of family and moral superiority I think you're really rests on they think they're just morally so much more superior and everybody else that he isn't anybody who disagrees with them certainly and and do that I don't think it's that that's why it's been such a tough pill for everyone to slow that's why during the impeachment hearings about so far whatever we're calling them this inquiry it says he did desire at the level of of public support for impeachment keeps falling they will not help the promise you today I'm watching this today I I I muscles which is a little bit watch it today and I don't think it's going to help at all it looks it looks terrible with the with the law professors you're doing things especially what I just said something about you may be able to name your child Barron yes you can't make him a bad because I was just so over the top ridiculous so many questions and answers so rehearsed that any actor should be you should be able to see it and and that was absolutely one of my least favorite moments or maybe my favorite of the day right so you you all a well known pop public figure you played Superman you've played in the movie Gosnell when you walk down the street or at the airport I'm sure you'll mauled when you meet people who aren't political but just know you from your your public persona do you get a sense that the average American is buying any of this did you talk to people who are not political about the big issues happening in the swap if you do what's your impression of people buying listing came I don't think people are very interested your people on the street I'm very interested in this impeachment inquiry at all the people trying to make a one forty six so we think this is going to happen and I'll say I you know I think it's going to be that executives say they're gonna they're gonna find a part of his impeachment the house a placid and then it'll get acquitted the side that's all awful and on and it's gonna do tend to be terrible if you look at just what Jerry Nadler said you know whatever twenty years ago we were talking about you get used to it you know have an impeachment do you need to have both parties on board a hundred percent should not be a party line vote vote and that's what this is going to be the people don't people are talking about it on the street and I talk about in the taxis they're not talking about it near ports it's it's it's it's this is a political thing and and it is being looked at as you know the people in Washington citing about this when they could be fighting about something that means something to the rest of us like how the US MCA and things of that nature and so I don't I don't think people are talking about it I don't hear anything about it I think it's just I think it's just Washington sort of infighting think that's such a good metric if people all talking about it then they really don't believe it in the last few minutes we have with being can follow him on Twitter real dean Cain I have to ask you because you you move in that sphere that's where you came from of conservatives ever going to understand the importance of culture my friend so you know I just think it's been a it's it's a weird time all right but it but it's a it where I think the pendulum of sorts and right now the pendulum has swung Rubin please in this industry for the last and and I think it's going to come back around because things are going to they show up there's gonna be results as many things like you know the lowest unemployment rates Cindy and within ten to fifteen years for blacks for Hispanics or women for you know for the use I mean those sort of things are gonna show up over and over and over and over after a lot of people go Hey this is pretty yet because real real results instead of sitting on their moral high ground which is what happens so much here in Hollywood people just sit on the moral high ground okay I want this this this this this but they don't really do anything I mean that they can talk about how you know I me Chris Pratt is in trouble apparently for having a picture day with him with a single use plastic water bottle right it's insane and I don't think I don't think it's a moral high ground my friend I think it's in a moral high ground he is dean Cain that's he's got three hundred eighty thousand followers on Twitter follow him right now I'm just happy that when you go to his account at least on my algorithm it's as well should you follow right underneath it says teri Hatcher I follow you Terry hats nicely done to it at least that's one algorithm that's a good one but everybody checkout real dean Cain especially on or give it away the pain tweet the beautiful paint tweet at the top of his feet god bless you my friend keep doing what you do I'm Sebastopol CA this is America first on the Salem radio network next we're going to have in.

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