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And everybody your i guess it goes back to my time in jerusalem where yes there is politics and there's politicians and larger ideas but what i couldn't understand living there is like if our neighborhood blew up at inter of if kromah's blow up our neighborhood then we avenged our neighborhood and blew up you know gaza and if we blow up guy other than they avenged that and blue us up at all i knew is if you're you know when where blowing them up we've just killed our own and when they blow us up they have just kill their own i just couldn't understand these maddening cycles and it you know it builds it a right up to government levels and and i just yeah i just really want to explore the notion of how we get out of this you know how we see the other side how we understand that it you know we just have to break it and it structurally speaking to you feel like you try to reflect that circular nature in the book oh god uh yeah i always give a man robinson shot are pretty much every interview but i studied with her and i overt so much but she taught me that i taught at your uh probably know this at home if you're listening to this interview i think in circles i talk in circles and she taught me how to go from eight a b how to unravel my sense is how to tell a story and i think i waited my whole career i was really thank rose like i finally have a story who circular nature begs the sort of circular narrative so i finally got to let my circles loose also within those circle a why did you choose to include so many different perspectives and jump from time to time in the book yeah there's an israeli like a hebron ocean her full color fu which is you know everything and its opposite and this whole book is about you know every character being sort of a different character and every time leading into another time again it just goes into that crazy gire of of ev everything weaving together to me the only way to tell the story was through all the stories and i think it goes back to that notion i was saying about time and space about being one person living.

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