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Details. Dirty mobis diamonds dot com will call one 800 her love. WTO P at 8 38. Traffic and weather on the 8s, Jack Taylor things get any better this morning. I know. Okay. 50 and Maryland in Annapolis, unfortunately early this morning we had a propane tanker truck overturned on the severn river bridge, all westbound traffic will have to detour if you get as far as route two or route four 50 exit 27. Now others are beginning to hop off as early as they possibly can, but again, original ideas are very few and far between. You have very slow traffic everywhere on literally that side of the severn river bridge. Westbound lanes hoping to reopen by lunchtime, eastbound, we had equipment arrived to assist the westbound issue. That blocked the left half of the roadway two to the right will get you by. Otherwise, obviously very slow traffic on both route two and four 50 down near the naval academy bridge. 32 east up in Colombia in your guildford road or reported rec four 50 Annapolis road west before peace cross that had also been a crash. Down near the Chevrolet metro, that may be a water main break affecting Columbia park road between 50 and cabin branch drive. One is broken down on the beltway topside outer loop, not a factor. It's in the delay from 95 over to Georgia avenue, it said colesville right over on that left shoulder. Two 70 was heavy out of urbana down to clarksburg, slowing briefly in Germantown toward Montgomery village avenue, then the delay at the lane divide slow down the spur onto the outer loop. In Virginia, fair lakes Parkway at fair lakes court crash in the intersection blocking. Police are turning folks around in both directions. You'll find the beltway. We've had nothing out of the ordinary for now, slowing out of Springfield riding toward two 36, 95, pretty much cleared out, falmouth headed through woodbridge into Springfield, three 95 heavy, got a delay north of edsel, headed to king street, then again to cross the 14th. On the rails, metro's red line, train service suspended right now between Wheaton and Silver Spring because of fire department activity

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