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City. 3 93 95 look good to New Hampshire, Rue. One is clear. Through Chelsea and Saugus, Rob Tackle A WBZ is traffic on the free and now the four day WBZ accurate. The forecast with Matt bends put for mix of sun and clouds for today with the chilly breeze high temperature to 36 degrees, But thank you for the real field temperatures in the twenties for This afternoon with that breeze. Look for more clouds with perhaps a straight rain or snow shower times out on the Cape For today, tonight, turning out clear across the region low of 26 in Boston here 20 and some of the suburbs Sunday after a brisk start, it will see mostly sunny skies high of 39 degrees, mainly sunny and pleasant for Monday High of 41, a mix of sun and clouds Tuesday high is once again in the lower forties. Mac. You ever meet her All the map ends the B B Z Boston's news radio in the forecast brought to you by the sump pump geeks right now in dead Um, it is 24 degrees 22. In Boxborough, 22. Lawrence and here in Boston. Now, 26 degrees at sunrise at 7 25. This is Steve Andrews. When there's flooding in the streets, let your neighbors know to call the sump pump geeks at 18444335225. Or visit US online at some pump geeks dot com, discovered the best winter ever at Subaru of New England dot com. Way Welcome you to connoisseurs Corner. We're talking about food and restaurants and dining.

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