Joe Biden, Confederacy, President Trump discussed on Mornings on the Mall with Brian Wilson


A mere two years ago, he told us quote the following my roots go back within my lifetime to my paternal grandmother. Miss Christie. Miss Christie shoes, knows Kristina Brown, a descendant of Hamilton Brown, who is on record as a plantation and slave owner and founder of Brown's town. He wrote this and opposed to the Jamaican global Hamilton Brown built the church erred Towns Anglican Church, where he said his grandfather is buried, is where he himself was baptized and Confirmed on a research archive of Jamaican records indicates that at one point in 18 17 Hamilton Brown own scores of slaves. The majority were brought in from Africa, although he owned many Creole slaves. As well. So it's weird that job in an era when the left is demanding tearing down statues, Nancy Pelosi's demanding the removal of anyone having anything to do with the Confederacy because of the history of of their support for slavery. Demanding that that be removed from the halls of Congress right that using Pope paintings that then the Democrat Party would turn around and have as their vice presidential candidate. Ah, woman whose great grand parents are great great grand parents, own slaves and the plantation. Well, the whole the whole exercise is really about power is not about any principle or anything, And it's not like you know, Of course, you know you should not be held accountable for the sins of a family member. You should be held accountable for your own stands where you should be celebrated. Your own merit. That's of course, the explanation on DH. It just it gets to another point of the kind of a phony anus of so many attacks. Think, obviously is the point that you're making the fraudulence of so many attacks. Um, and meanwhile, like she easily switches into this destructive mode when it helps advance her career right, So she accuses Joe Biden of fraternizing with and enjoying the company of Racists because, by implication he himself is racist, and she attacks him. For not supporting forced busting when, by the way, you families of all colors were opposed to force blasting, forced that that didn't help families. But regardless, it doesn't matter what use it now as a cudgel against Joe Biden to make him seem like a racist, You know, she indulges the idea that Joe Biden was sexually abusing women by getting two hands with them, she said. You know, I believe the women, she said. So she goes back and forth sheet. It doesn't really matter to her. She uses character attacks when it mattered when it helps her and then She doesn't try and live up to the same principles when it works against her. So do you think that the the Democrats have the mainstream media so firmly in their pockets that they will be able to dodge all of this hypocrisy that on one hand, they're going to report about how you know anything having to do with racism. Anything that even even though somebody did something good if it even has a hint of racism or a hint of connection to the Confederacy, that it must be torn down and then in the next story, promote common Ares. Mary. They made it seem like President Trump's consideration of giving his acceptance speech at Gettysburg. Was somehow a celebration of the Confederacy and white supremacy. That's how far the media has taken these issues to the point of complete insanity, an absurdity Why would the site of the Confederacy is greatest defeat? Be a celebration of white supremacy in the Confederacy? It wouldn't It would be a celebration of of conquering of maintaining the union of pushing back a rebellion of pushing back an effort to maintain white supremist against slavery. That was, That's what that was. That's what was achieved there so the media is willing to distort that into the complete opposite picture. Of course, they're willing to go toe vulgar lengths in order to advantage. The Joe Biden campaign and her Donald Trump problem with that is, I don't think that Donald Trump in his campaign will give her the same, I guess consideration and the same cover, so that's going to be interesting, more on comma Harris and her history and what she's bringing to the table. To help Joe Biden coming up next. It's not 7 15 Now. Time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes on the fives here, Steve Hirschorn Traffic center lots of problems on the wet road this morning, all around the region of the inner loop of the Beltway Montgomery County after 3 to 5 before Connecticut Avenue accident activity, now moved over to the right shoulder. Outer loop is slow from New Hampshire Avenue around past Georgia Avenue and then on the outer loop in Virginia, wrapped to go west on Little River turns to 36 now open that accident. They're cleared away by 95 in Virginia north bound before the exit for Lord accident activity in the left lane in delays most.

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