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Through the basket. I just don't It's one of the most amazing place I've ever seen. A lot of people are confused by that. And Kendrick Perkins will come here to celebrate this with us. Are we of the opinion that he is going to say Bam out of bios name correctly, Or is he going to say it the way that he's been saying it, which I think I like a little bit more time out of the fire? You will coast. That's the way I like it. The fact that Riley did this I made Dan. It's amazing The fact he did this by acquiring Goran Drug Ege and did it in two Drafts with Bam and they did it with Tyler. Hero is turned around this quickly from LeBron Wade and Bosch, too. This is absolutely amazing. It may be his finest work seriously, well, but you like to do that one. Whatever is the most recent work is maybe the finest work But this has worked on through the draft and through free agency. I think Wade to me was most responsible for LeBron. Coming down here wasn't about Riley, This is Riley and spo doing it through the draft. And doing it through free agency. Really Your sound is down work. Goran Dragic's had 29 points last 29 points. Quiet, Not at all the story. If you're talking about the Miami Heat, maybe the third name you're mentioning probably fourth because Tyler here almost had a triple double 29 points. Thank you More Cuban. Thank you so much because you're given Pat Riley credit for Goran. Drag it and I feel you that's great, arguably best point guard in Miami Heat history. They thought they traded him to Dallas and Dallas one another direction after what was thought to be an official deal. Can we do this around here? By the way, Because you guys Billy loves to make fun of me because he says that I'm always demanding apologies for Pat Riley of the people who say that the game has passed him by What can we go through on our personal parade of gas bags and find our most glaring failures when it came to criticizing this team, because I thought they should have given the money to Hassan Whiteside. Mike Ryan, at one point thought that Tyler Johnson was better than Goran Drag. It might be his most haunting take. Do you have a more haunting is that your I said the page are the lions that were only 16. We're going to make the playoffs. Is that the equivalent for you? Yeah. I'm not going to apply context of the discussion we were having was just Rome was just flatly wrong. Also, I wasn't on board with this Justice Winslow trade that brought Jake Crowder to town. I said Riley failed. Wait in the entire city of Miami. I said last year that the heat should build her on Josh Richardson and not the amount of Io you did say that called Hassan Whiteside. A generational big Alright Kendrick Perkins is going to join us next.

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