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This is a thirty four inch symphonic gong this Congress tunes for the heart it helps to clear the heart shopper so the people can be more forgiving of themselves and for others I gave gong therapy a try if you want to see what a session looks like go to W. W. J. news radio dot com from the delta dental health desk Dr Deanna lights WWJ newsradio nine fifteen I let's check in with John McElroy now for a look at the automotive insights the Detroit three start bargaining with the U. A. W. this week on a new labor contract and here's one of the big issues that will be on the bargaining table with automotive insight John McElroy one of the contentious issues that the Detroit three and the UAW will be bargaining over is the use of temporary workers the car companies want to use more of them the union wants lass the UAW doesn't like the car companies using temporary workers since you're not dues paying union members they want them to become permanent employees the automakers white caps when they launch a new car because they need more people on deck and when full time workers go on vacation but they don't want to lock in those temps as permanent employees and so this will probably not get resolved until late in the negotiations because right now both sides are staking out opposite positions I'm using temporary workers with automotive insight I'm John mackel rocks religion is down five forty five we check in right now it's only a tease of this forced as guides Tony hi Tom and Patty good morning everyone the Tigers offense was ringing the gong yesterday in Kansas city as gamer Candelario important Beckham combine the drive in five runs Detroit knocks off the Kansas City Royals twelve date in yesterday's finality of that three game weekend series the Kauffman stadium rough outing for starter Jordan Zimmermann who despite all of that offense ended up with a no decision after he was rocked for seven runs and eight hits in just four innings of work.

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