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Was released by the sanctuary state of Oregon. Eve, of course heard of sanctuary cities. We'll state of organization state. So what are the consequences of having an entire state? Protect illegal aliens. Fidel Lopez is fifty two years old. Last month in April. He was sentenced to sixty days in jail for the crime of raping his girlfriend's dog today. Strangely sixty days is the maximum sentence for this crime in Oregon. Kinda weird because the left gets really, really like they don't care about babies, they get really upset over dogs. I guess unless you rape one to death. Okay. Which you gotta fake. How sick do you have to be to rape a dog? And to rape the dog to death. Man. You got to be some kind of twisted, I guess, good thing we got that guy in our country. Oh. Round of applause for the illegals. Following his sentence. The suspect was immediately released into Multnomah county in Oregon. That's where Portland is. Because the state of Oregon protection legals from deportation. Immigration and customs enforcement requested the illegal alien dog rapist killer be turned over for deportation after being released from prison, but that request was ignored by the sanctuary state officials. I spokesman Tanna Roman said. Sanctuary policies, not only provide a refuge for illegal aliens, but they also shield criminal. Aliens, who prey on people in their own and other communities. Not only people ma'am, dogs, this dog rapist, killer. The suspect has since been captured and detained by is they plan to deport him in the near future. Remember, when President Trump was talking about MS thirteen? And he referred to them, as these animals. And the left said. Call them animals. If they have sex with animals. If you have sex with an animal, I kind of feel like you get to be called an animal at that point. MS thirteen member. I don't know if Fidel was an MS thirteen member. I have no idea. Never. Never Chan rights. I never got while football players in this case NASCAR drivers get to throw or want to throw punches at someone's head when they have a helmet on NASCAR driver. Clint Bowyer, if I'm pronouncing that incorrectly. I apologize. I don't know. So for those of you who are NASCAR fans. Correct me. B O W. Why are Boyer or Bowyer maybe Boyer? Unleashes a flurry of hands through the driver's side window. At Ryan Newman. We've got the video on the blog at Michael dot com. During the cool down lap at the NASCAR all star race. Boyer rushed Newman's car, I've decided it's Boyer. Sounds better than Bowyer. Boy. Let's go Boyer. Boyer rushed Newman's car frantically trying to land blows through the window. While Newman had his helmet on Boyer was upset that Newman turn turn him into turn four late in the race. Boyer says where I come from you get punched into knows flat. And that's what he got except you punched him with his helmet on Newman. Laughed off his rivals actions. Mocking him for throwing punches at someone in a racing helmet saying, I think he should be embarrassed for himself. Massachusetts high school teacher is arrested for planting live ammunition in one of the schools, staircases surveillance cameras captured him, dropping the nine millimeter round from his pocket and later coming back to pretend he discovered it the teacher fifty seven year old Alfred per cell told here we go again, here's another of these hoaxes. They want gun control. So they create these hoaxes of there being a gun shell there puts the gun shell down the bullet down, not Shelly puts a bullet down comes back later Luqueno discovered the teacher, fifty seven year old Alfred pursell told officers that he left the mission there to quote prove to the school that they needed to get metal detectors. Yeah. If, if nobody will drop a bullet, and I think there's bullets, then I'll drop a bullet myself. What did you? Esi small at do, if, if nobody will beat me up and make fun of my sexual orientation, where a maga- hat I'll do it myself. Video showed per cell, remove a live round of nine millimeter ammunition from his pocket drop it on the floor and quickly leave the area post said he went back to the area about ten minutes later and pretended to discover the initial footage showed him taking a picture of it with his cell phone and using his school issued portable radio to request assistance. What assistance? Here. Administrators and I school resources officer arrived soon after and placed the school on a media lockdown pursell return to his class while school officials investigated the incident Popo took pursell into custody after reviewing surveillance footage per cell was charged with two counts of unlawful possession of ammunition to kennels of carrying ammunition on school grounds. Disturbing school assembly disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace officers found one hundred to live rounds of twenty gauge shotgun. Aiming in the trunk of his car.

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