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That's right. Four hours. Hey. Scuff agnan er morning. Ask a finger or a Let's see Wagner's What GT GT It's a hybrid situation. Wag Needy wet. No, but school fee comes first. And then Jeff Wagner so it would be. Ah, yeah, something like that. So anyway, you got laid for four hours. We're going to take you up until opening day will take up until the Brewers home opener. And that starts at 12 35 will not be the warmest day in Miller Park. Maybe in Miller Park. History will be the warmest day. What was the hottest one? Otherwise well, like Gene was just saying there's looked it up, and it was 81. 81 back in somebody's saying the seventies so a long time ago, and today's high is supposed to be what, 78 So we are not on track to set the all time which is sad, but this July 31st you think we could knock that record out of the ballpark, But that won't be the case. But in Miller Park history Could very well be. You know what would have been great as if it was the hottest day because forever Then we'd be able to tell our Children Hey one day at Miller Park. It was 95 opening day or our kids would look at the data and you go. Yeah, but you know what? That season started late because of the old pandemic. Tell you about something and then and then some. Let me tell you about that time That was a double header, but they only played seven innings. I started on third base on that point. Exactly. It was just pandemonium all over the place. So, Yeah, we are going to ramp up to what's gonna be happening today. Big doubleheader. The Bucks are back. We'll get into that as well. But Mike Spaulding is here, obviously, and let's start with The mask mandates way. Have until what time is it? Midnight tonight? 12. 01 A yellow one. If you're out, put a mask on. So we have 12 about 16 15.5 hours. Yeah, Clock's ticking. If if you are. I don't want to wear a mask. Never gonna wear a mask Mask free era but about 15.5 hours yet, right? Yeah, that's basically where we were and other announcing the mandate. DEA yesterday as you mentioned this as the state's overall positive test load hit 52,000 science and public health experts are telling us that face coverings and mask And save lives. My mask protects you. Your mask protects me and our mass works best when we both wear them together. Governor's order mandates Anybody over the age of five and inside of a public building will need to wear a covering their though, will be no outside component means you can still go for a walk outside Go swimming. Her eat without a face covering If you're going to head to the grocery store, supporting a local restaurant and waiting for your food, we needed a mask up, folks. Goes into effect tomorrow. As you mentioned midnight 12 01 runs through the end of September. As of right now, though, it could be extended or shortened if we suddenly start heading in the right direction. Has this been taken to the state Supreme Court yet? Do we need to check on this? I don't think so. Not yet. It's on the way the carrier pigeon is heading straight there or you better believe it's on the way now. Did I? I didn't see you yesterday. Have you heard my grassy knoll theory of this? Why it took this long? No, but I'm open to it now because I look I enjoy a good trip to the grassy knoll as much as the next person. My grassy knoll theory and this isn't based on anything other than my own. Cynicism, right? So when the safe ride home order was struck down by the state Supreme Court, it was a 43 vote correct. It was surprisingly close authorizing Lee close and surprisingly kind of split a little bit with Haig adorn going to the minority decision, right? The conservative justice quote unquote Haig adorned ghost. Correct. So this weekend. Judge Jill Kurowski officially takes a seat on the bench, a quote unquote liberal justice. Thus the conservative majority shrinks for three from five to correct Yes. So did the governor. This is again just me. Just my cynicism. Just my grassy knoll theory. Did the governor wait? To an act this mandate until this weekend when he knew it would be for three in the thinking that well, if this thing goes to the state Supreme Court to if I got Haig adorned last time, would I not get Haig adorn this time? And thus it would be a 43 decision in favour ofthe the mask mandate. If it gets to that point, if Hagedorn is still a A swing vote on this particular issue. What do you think about that? Mike Spaulding? I don't know. Scott. Do bears do their business in the woods. Of course, this is a political move. We've been around long enough. The first thing inside when this was implemented, it hasn't gone to the Supreme Court yet. So you knew that it was going to be challenged? You know, this is what Wisconsin politics look like and have looked like since Governor Evers took over the governor's office. Everything is going to be a battle. And this is just gonna be another example of it, So no, I would not be surprised at all. If if it was weighted and held all right, then. Just throwing it out there something to consider..

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