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So there's general there's a general general proclivity towards trying things that are easy to try and then when i commit to it it's not a long term commitment and it makes the battered option really easy that's what ended beautifully jira which is why thousands if not millions of developers and technology users adopted it and i think that's what dropbox done now they use it in the enterprise for their daytoday filesharing or they use it in the personal lives so i think that distinction between enterprise and consumer seems a bit artificial is the bottoms up growed that they have which i think they've done well there's been a lot of comparisons to atlassian amongst vc's i've talked to you i mean everyone saying you know they it reminds them of them are they're hoping it will be like them because lassen is done pretty well in in the stock market but the reason there is that that focus on whether it's consumer enterprise is because the stock market when they're looking at multiples they have little formulas they like to plug in so it works differently then then the way visas value at these companies and they really are caught up with these labels nls in figuring out what bucket to to group this into but ultimately i mean it seems like at least the bankers are pretty optimistic about how the public will receive this in seems like dropbox may waited for the perfect moment where it will finally be valued at that private market valuation and yes vc's more specifically they will tell you it doesn't matter because it definitely doesn't matter for the early employee's and the investors early investors i mean no matter what they're making a ton of money off of this as a huge huge huge win for them i mean sequoia owns almost a quarter of this company like a ten billion dollar company that means they're getting almost two and a half billion dollars when shares it remains the same price or could go up there last sorry what was what was their last hit.

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