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Just dominating in china like white house going to china where everyone loves them i don't know if loves them but he'll tell him ever played on the rockets for a little bit yes they love the yeah right so but dwight howard will china and be like yeah everyone most me no one has told me to fuck off in english so and he'll just dominate and like dwight howard put up forty and twenty cool and he'll just stay there forever that's probably going to i could go into the big three two yeah and just the big three you know we'll actually i could totally see qb nope they'll vote like not i don't want him want him anywhere near san hose stars he'll be goddamn independent that's that's what you frat guys call it right just yeah he's going to basically be standing at a court with the basketball being like well anyone play with me play rugby that's what you do when you join a frat too yeah sing songs song pay the pay those league rub your player no one he would tall just for lineouts i don't know guys are still in cultured right yeah okay speaking which we only in the middle of turnament that no one cares about the world cup no i care about the world cup in the middle of rugby tournament don't care about no international's are going on right now internationals are always going to table if we currently playing eleven v eleven seven v seven or four four four cup of sevens is coming up oh yeah wow we might even finish fourth that'd be therefore third or fourth let's do it all right we have a stay classy for phil mickelson so phil has reported himself on a penalty to show that he is good guy fill the the penalty was he he trampled a little grass shot which is so golf seeing these stepped in front of his shot and it's so perfect because he definitely did this on purpose oh yeah completely intentional zappa's in movies all the time where some guy fawkes up he's trying to win a girl and he like hires his buddy to fake mugger and then he steps into prove that he's tough that's what phil dead but the golf quivalent of that is like calmly matting down a couple of blades if you don joy yes stepping in the wrong place and being like ooh two shots damn and then fill is also the filters tiger one v one is going to be awesome i don't give a fuck all these people like oh it's may weather pack yo it's ten years too late would have been cool if it was two thousand seven i who not wanna watch yeah it's cool now the same people that are saying that it definitely gonna watch and the only thing i ask for is we just need we need them to be mike and i like go ahead put on a delay i don't care but i just need them to be mike i would also like to hit their shots at the exact same time that would be great too i mean they can cause winter writing one's a lefty right just like an ultimate off single shot that's yeah we should absolutely have that fixed golf and they play the best ball the whole time and so two yes they keep shooting in a mirror against each other and so they putt visages what is the dan rebel phil verse tiger mini here's chrome if you think that tiger woods is going to be able to stare at a pair of tits like that the whole time and not trying to fuck them oh we don't know tiger he's got to wear chastity but those cups are good whole shoe see all right let's actually that'd be great phil what got tigers head by wearing sports braun take off his shirt athlete through the tournament oh it's oh man jeeze the sports he accidentally spills water over shirt.

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