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Beneficial energies in your Zodiac sign or your bedroom or your home direction wearing real gold or silver can help you and give you an energetic boost now. Let's talk about the symbols that you can wear. You don't always have to wear things that are related to function Just having like ever saying a simple gold hoop is that round. Shape is the shape of Heaven Long long type rectangular shapes or shapes of growth. You WanNa look at shapes and make sure the only thing that you really want to avoid is anything that is very pointy or at. That has any kind of point so like for instance. I had seen one woman who was wearing a starburst type of necklace and it was a diamond this center and then it had the the raise that rate at that's sprayed out but they all kind of point up at her her neck so it's really not wasn't an auspicious sign. Personally I so think of of those types of things when you're looking for jewelry that's going to be. Enhancing is not going to be hurting you so think about anything from the infinity. Look like the eight Is An sometimes called the infinity? Sign the mystic. Not a dragon. Peacock Chinese coins or eggs I know I have some of those Russian eggs Jewelry pieces that's very auspicious. But they don't say Chinese The but the egg is a very auspicious shape. So look for shapes. That are appealing to you and that And our Attractive as well because if they're attractive they usually have great punctuate. You always want to use symbols and where symbols. That are appealing to you personally. So like for instance. When I was designing jewelry for home shopping network I wanted to create jewelry that used funkaway symbols and fresh and fashionable way. So one of the most popular pieces that I created was a necklace. A feature all four celestial creatures of the Tortoise Tiger The dragon and the Phoenix and they were all in one big collar necklace and it was a huge necklace extremely colorful and It was and it was big in the thing that was amazing as it has all four of the Cardinal Directions North East south and West are represented on that so that brings the goodness of all those directions to anyone who wears it. Sold out right there on When I was doing the The presentation there on home shopping network that morning and that was very exciting to see it. 'cause it was like one of my very first pieces. I differ them. So you want to look for items that speak to elements of functionally. So maybe that's metal or water or would or fire and An earth those are the three elements. And you're going to want to look for those elements that create beneficial for you Beneficial energy for you and one of the ways you can do that is by wearing gemstones that are suited for you by your birth element now birth elements the annual elements that take place.

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