Samsung, Sampson, South Korea discussed on The Vergecast - 277: Pixel 2 first look, Pixel Buds, and Google Home Max


I just wish they built a factory is well set huge booth her they could use a uh what are you something i think you're right i uh it just seems clear that in order to ship the aai stuff they want to ship after make some of their own stuff they can't wait around for samsung to get out of its own way with its own software right like they need to be in control of these are experience and pretty significant way how i think honestly it also seems clear that uh if things go south with samsung for one in one way or another they need to have the chops to spin up their own high hardware thing and actually sell stuff in volume if samsung says screw we're going ties and that's bad for android that's bad for gugel they need to they can't just on a dime start making samsung quality phones right auriol just hypothetically they've it's a hedge samsung's found started exploding or hypothetically ceo sampson was caught up in a scandal so enormous the entire government of south korea fell apart or who knows just things could happen in they will definitely have meaningful impact on sense now think sensing will never go actually here's a question samsung disappears tomorrow yeah like it the whole company implodes who is more hurt by that gugel or apple he had soft yeah now more fbi apple more hurt by the i because like the king component they they use they you samsung screens and samsung chips google can get by using other stuff yeah.

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