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He is a vet who has never had to use the VA he couldn't believe that the VA which seems to be under real leadership now is back to abusing whistle blowers. Pete my best guess is that a subordinate has initiated this whistleblower abuse and it's my guess that when the senior leadership looks into this things will go back to the way they were until recently I know a member of Congress has written secretary of VA about this matter. well Mary an airforce vat enjoyed the discussion on Israel she noticed that you didn't mention Israel's internal political campaigns. Mary I'm a bit familiar with Israel's internal political environment and I find it more confusing than ours that's why we stayed away from. well the other day I was thinking about my time in mother army and I remember one of the goofy as things that happened to me as a second lieutenant I was living in a bachelor officers quarters B. O. Q. at fort Carson Colorado the B. O. cues were a series of one bedroom apartments down the hall with a large common area at the end I was living opposite the common area and I went off a couple of weeks of temporary duty when I returned one evening I went to my B. O. Q. room and it was gone the common area had been expanded and my room was gone. fortunately my boss to sergeant live in the barracks with our troops I knocked on his door and ended up sleeping on a mattress on the floor the next day I was told that when the remodel arrive to work on my old B. O. Q. room they look for me when they couldn't find me they told my company and a bunch of troops to move my stuff to the room in the next B. O. Q. they said everything up just like I'd had it well guess what my new B. O. Q. was the next one to be remodeled the workers had a key entered my new room took all my things which have been home or in the closet or put away and threw them on the bed and tossed a sheet over him and did their pain in repairs they left the room wide open. make an understatement everything was a mess some things were damaged in some missing I did finally get everything resolved what a pain that was on the other hand the guy living in the next B. O. Q. room my new neighbor was the guy later reduced me to the lady who is now my wife that turned out to be a good move for a lucky guy but colonel more importantly that kind of thing hasn't happened since you've been married to Maryland that's very true that's I had thing I don't need to live in a B. O. Q. again believe me well now smelter history time lead out boy. on twenty five September seventeen seventy five during our revolutionary war after boarding a poorly planned an ill timed attack on the British control city of Montreal Continental Army colonel Ethan Allen was captured by the British after being identified as an officer of the Continental Army Alan was taken prisoner and sent to England to be executed. on twenty three September seventeen seventy nine during the American revolution the US ship bond home Richard commanded by John Paul Jones won a hard fought engagement against the British ships of war surface and countess of Scarborough off the eastern coast of England good job John Paul Jones. I'm twenty six September eighteen sixty four during the civil war Confederate general sterling price invaded Missouri and attacked the Yankee garrison at pilot knob prices troops captured of fort and scattered the union defenders but also suffered heavy losses the Confederate military fortunes were at an all time low in price and hope that the mission would destabilize Missouri just prior to the fall elections and give New Hope to the Confederate cause he also hoped to capture one of the major cities in Missouri and secure supplies for his troops price monitors campaign from Pocahontas Arkansas and entered Missouri in mid September on September twenty six he hurled is twelve thousand troops at fort Davis and that pilot knob two days later the Confederates drove the fourteen hundred Yankee defenders away but the attack was time consuming and costly price lost twelve hundred men in game little in the way of strategic value our political impact the rest of prices raid didn't fare any better he was harassed by state militia and had difficulty raising supplies and union resistance as important points such as the capital Jefferson city was much greater than expected through October price drove north to St Louis west to Kansas city and then south into Texas much of his fourth disintegrated along the way and in November Missouri voters elected radical Republicans in the office. on twenty six September nineteen eighteen during World War one the imperial German navy's submarine you be ninety one torpedoed and sank with all hands the US Coast Guard cutter Tampa which was escorting a convoy bound for Milford Haven Wales hundred eleven coast guardsmen as well as for US navy and eleven Royal Navy and five civilian passengers were killed the bodies of two of the Coast Guard crew recovered and buried in a small church yard your lan free Pembroke shire Wales Great Britain one body was returned to its family the US after the war well one who was never identified is still entered in lampreys churchyard to this day local residents still care for the great. on twenty four September nineteen forty one the Japanese consul in Hawaii was instructed to divide Pearl Harbor into five zones and calculate the number of battleships in each zone and report the findings back to Japan relations between the US and Japan had been deteriorating quickly since Japan's occupation of Indo China and implicit menacing of the Philippines and American protectorate. in retaliation included the seizing of all Japanese assets in the states and the closing of the Panama Canal to Japanese shipping in September nineteen forty one Roosevelt issued a statement drafted by British prime minister Winston Churchill that threatened war between the US and Japan should the Japanese encroach any further on territory in Southeast Asia or the South Pacific. yes that was true they did and we did. on twenty three September nineteen forty nine a surprisingly low key and carefully worded statement president Harry Truman inform the American people that the Soviets had exploded a nuclear bomb the Soviet accomplishment years ahead of what was thought possible by most US officials cause a panic in the American government. and that's military history for today. okay skip it's time for the armed America report take is there all of us here for a life of freedom one our listeners to get training get armed in that order we fully support the right to keep and bear arms for all law abiding families and we encourage you to find out about the laws governing use of deadly force in your state and follow them to the letter and of course don't forget to follow the rules of safety and common sense whenever you're carrying a firearm to pick the one you love what story this week colonel with baton Rouge Louisiana an employee at a grocery store was working when a masked man entered early in the morning the robber had a gun and demanded the employees hand over the money or they'd be shot. one employee grabbed the gun and fired as the armed robber tried to jump over the counter where the employee was the employee shot the robber who collapsed on the floor after being struck in the side. to live on the scene to transport the injured man to a hospital where he later died the clerk was not charged by police who considered a case of self defense. thanks Carl this scenario gives us an excellent opportunity to discuss ambush versus counter ambush as an honest law abiding citizen you and I will always be the ones being ambushed and not the other way around because of this will most likely be surprised by the criminal and need a short amount of time to recover our which before acting here are some tips for launching a successful counter ambush after you been surprised by an armed criminal. one feign compliance and seem non threatening for example if you're at the check out counter simply hold up your hands and slowly back away from the threat they're in charge for the moment simply because they have a loaded gun and it's pointed directly at you too if you can get out of the line of sight of the criminal then do it better yet if you can get behind cover that will enhance your chances of survival remember cover will stop a bullet but concealment will only hide you. three former plan to take out the criminal with no loss of innocent life this could simply mean drawing your gun from cover or concealment aiming at the criminal and firing until the threat is stopped no matter what you do make sure your plan is sound and will stand up to reality if you're going to shoot make sure the clerk or other innocent citizens are not in your line of fire if they are changing angle above all else remember that these altercations are extremely saddened and extremely violent this baton Rouge man did a great job defending his life and the lives of his coworkers his quick thinking and brave actions save the lives of everyone in the store and front lines of freedom salutes him. Hey man. our movie of the month is the millionaires unit it's about one of our navy's first flight units during World War one please go to the front lines of freedom website go to the blog to get the link and you can watch it for free we'll review at the end of the month and I'd really appreciate receiving your input. front of freedom Dr John Pafford will discuss his book on president Chester Arthur a guy who made America great again we'll also talk with congressman Louis Gomer about the justice for warriors caucus and of course to review this week's service academy football.

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