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So they we got step brothers and sisters. So I'd spend the summers with my dad, and I go to school. I live with my mom, and it was always a very volatile house because my mom was so up and down. I always say this. I don't blame my parents for anything. Clearly, they did the best thing they could they didn't know they were never taught. So how could you blame your parents? It's like if I don't how do you learn? So how did I learn turn my life around? So it wasn't it. You know on my gosh, this I am really talked about ever. I think I mentioned it at the reunion when Conrad was sitting across from ago twenty three I was in jail. Oh for what like a list drinking and driving mainly because in my state drinking was allowed at seventeen. Wow. I know right. Scary scary. Yeah. Legal totally. And you know, we had dry like in Mississippi that I didn't live there. But you had drive-thru Dockery places where you could drive through by Dachary. The DUI laws were not as strict, but hey, I got a feel them. He said, I quit drinking and someone believed in me at what age did you? I during seventeen I was court ordered to a treatment center. So I learned to get out of trouble with the police all I had to do say, I'm an addict, I need to go to Glen oaks, whatever the name of Glen ridge. They take me, and I didn't have to go to jail. So that was my out. But in that you use them more than once. Oh, gosh. I can't even count so many times it was always driving related sure. Being in those places at planted seeds like I would hear stories, but I was so young. I was like I'm never going to quit drinking or smoking pot. The use of drugs and alcohol were to make me feel confident to make me feel better. I felt like I belonged because I never really felt that and that was that false pride that false confidence because the minute at were off. I was back into my can I do this. Am I really? I never had a role model. I never had. Hey, addiction runs in my family. It destroys destroyed my family like it's still in my family. If it wasn't for certain people in my life. That said, hey, you could live a different way. If you just don't do certain things, and it took me until I was twenty five. So as twenty-five age you stop drinking. Yes. So I haven't had drug or drinking thirty years. Wow. That is amazing graduate you did you go to treatment to do that. I've been in. Listen, I was in and out halfway houses treatment centers jails and institutions, and I just remember I went to this one. I drove to Fort Lauderdale. I got arrested the car was impounded. My mom was out of town. Because my mother was my biggest enabler how..

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