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Dominated at least a lot of it by the whole latest. issue with president trump and the Ukraine and the best part of it so far I think it's been you know Rudy Giuliani's just always just a treat he's just so much fun he's just so energetic and he's got a lot of energy going on the show's going on CNN instead of just going to a family friendly network damn just let's go on CNN let's fight with people get out there. and you got to love and I know that they can spend it and you can be a you know it's not you it's not as clear as everyone wants to say when he says will did you press them under by no I didn't have a little and then thirty seconds later yes of course I did. and they're having a lot of fun with that with Rudy doing the the flip flop there although I think you would see in the new ones of it it says I think he was playing with him. I think that you know there's a lot of. we're smarter than you all think and we're getting you to talk about this instead of other things and I think they do that quite a bit and it's kind of brilliant if you want to give him credit for something you know they get the. CNN's MSNBC's very riled up certain things instead of worrying about other things yeah. there's always that they done pretty good I mean it's it's the I've said this before. and and I know there's a lot of pundits out there who and and a lot of people who think of that. the current administration has no clue what's going on I think they they have very much of a clue of what's going on I think they're very. measured in in their actions and what they do and when they do it and how they do it and it makes for Rome. it makes for interesting viewing will measure it is not a term I would describe wells of in flight I think you know what he I don't think it's measured because I think he thinks things and just doesn't but I think even that is measured yeah I don't I don't our but I think I got a reason though I I think it's not all can you believe he just did that's like well yeah I can because I think he knows what he's doing and again you know getting you to think about other things talk about other things complain about of the. and then everybody gets all in order to add this to the impeachment we're gonna add this to this everyone gets all riled up there I can't imagine what president trump would do that people would find say you know what that's that's too much I just don't know what that would be I mean here you said he could shoot somebody and get away with it and people still vote for him and I don't know that he's wrong about that. I understand what you're saying I don't know anyway it is on sale okay we did the high school football night here locally to so there's a lot of Dave you reported a high school football dollars then because it's another loss for the wild cats while kitsch excuse me I can't even remember it's just all I saw it very first thing even before I got on the air and I set a goal not again is like by three points no I figured it out with the win and then you've lost every game searing known as just on can you look up real quick Merion central yeah give me a second here. Marian central is playing same fighter last night and a good friend of the family Jack Mahoney is a senior at Saint by attorneys the quarterback. same fighter I think was to a one to one in this game Marian central Catholic from Woodstock Illinois was three no and had not given up a please get this year really stunning in their all they were very good but suddenly this year there will be is I don't know if they just had a little issue if they're doing well or what's going on so what's your report this would have been a great game to watch okay in overtime wow. same provider over Woodstock Marion twenty eight twenty one that's that would have been an awesome game to watch sounds like it over time baby while all right there you have it. disclosure I used to do a lot a handful of schools in the newscast mon Christ will that be okay I don't know if they played tonight or if they don't yell and not everybody plays yeah of the Catholic school sometimes plan Saturdays at least arm Chicago Mount Carmel. played Loyola I would've been a good good game and a close one and in regulation. Carmel seventeen level of fourteen. show that Ramblers. true got clobbered yeah thirty one to six. okay that is a clobbering debtors anonymous here Evans since was was close friend beat him nineteen to fifty four points nineteen fifty that's close as well and. I don't I I don't know why I don't do it anymore I used to let like grab a bunch of clothes Chicago area can't please everyone all right because there's hundreds of schools I used to I think I just did. Chicago schools like Chicago public league schools. or I would try to find the rankings of the top ten and just to those scores but if you give some than everybody else who didn't hear there's going to get upset right so I don't know why we still I guess for the playoffs the dude in basketball the preps plus program we used to have yeah I don't know why we still don't do that football. I don't know either that's all right. maybe I could do it. Niles north gonna be an existing one to twenty nine wow that's a high scoring game yeah Marist brother rice do you care. yeah seventeen fourteen for the rush over mers yeah okay all right we've covered enough okay see that's what I'm saying and that is where there is a. you have now met this year a duty to report on the high school.

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