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I'm not a fan of target per se i think i've been in a target when i went into target maybe a couple of months ago i think my wife sent me on an errand or something a can't remember but i was in the indus don't go into target and again i don't go into walmart either very much mpn i've don't do business in either those chains is is little as possible but target now is expanding its ship it as h i p t and drive up services across the midwest and south west so for those of you fellas and ladies at liked to sharpen target it's they're expanding their same day shipping the expansion will bring ship p it's institute card competitor for sameday grocery driven pickup to more than one hundred and thirty five markets in the united states by the end of this month the targets drive up purpose i pickup service will reach more than six hundred shows and twenty states this week and so that's kind of cool you can go online ordering they'll bring into the curb i think that's awesome so the company also offered a brief update in its other delivering packing services target restock the next day essential delivery service and dil restore purchases which is available dislike stores in urban markets basically where you can get household items like laundry detergent trash bags that type of stuff it competes with amazon prime pantry you'll pay four ninety nine monthly subscription and so that's interesting and so targets restock oh no no no excuse me that was for amazon prime pantry target restock became free for target red card purchases and to ninety nine for all other orders back in may so again i don't shop at target but some new options for you if he do.

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