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Let's get back to the show. Everybody We are back trying to get situated here. It was a little crazy et CETERA. Events here alarms went off. I'm sure as you guys could hear a little bit before we cut out and then had to evacuate the crib. Four second it turns out that Laundry device washing machine or dryer in the lodge room downstairs on the first floor caught fire birth of the wholesaler wall fire department came. They put it out on that crit. I evacuated would appear flipflops my basketball shorts from one of the High Schools. I coach Vegas and a beanie in ESPN beanie. That's it put a t shirt on I grabbed my laptop though. Never leave without the laptop so that was that was a little bit. Wild Man grabbed my wife my laptop my wallet and that was out. That's how real men evacuate right there. These special we. We are back in the building. At least she knows she's loved that's the key she knows like. Oh if I grabbed my wallet you used to be. I grab my xbox slash playstation I lap top my wallet and that's all. I need them life when I got kicked out by my ex wife out of the crib for having a girlfriend on the side when she found out. That's all I requested. Let let me take all of this and then came back next stuff pack outside but those important things that day. I knew what was important to me that has now changed my new wife. Thankfully out 'til later listens part of this. I did not carry her out but I would have if need be in a situation of peril so we're back though. It is wild. I just say we get right into. It may just bananas so let's get into USC. Because I feel like it was pushing that way. Anyway we have a lot of you have see to recap and I've listened a few things out for us to talk about over the past three weeks first thing Diego Sanchez coach cult leader. Who is this dude? Who as he he reminds me of? I don't know I was trying to. I can't think of his name right now. He's he's too he's kind of like. Have you ever seen road trip road trip like the Nerdy Dude? Who at the end ends up leading? Colt? He's like that do man. I can't call it the whole the whole Diego Sanchez Situation. As a whole is this like lives a fire. Another Day regretfully like God was technically won a one off summit Q. That's like the worst way to win. It'd be like yes the MMA guys want me to continue my career. No we don't and we're not the guys but we don't want to see you again you impeach hanging up please. They should fight each other. No loser goes home match. Listen many lives the fight another day. He survived in a while match. So we're going to get a lot more Diego Sanchez. I feel like going forward Another match I WANNA talk about. Which was the main event of UFC fight night 167 It is Corey Anderson versus John. Blaha vish Corey Anderson no longer beast in twenty five eight but has some other weird nickname proves my point one when you appoint yourself your own nickname. You're doomed any way too. When you change nickname no matter how dumb it was prior. You are doomed to lose. He was no longer beast. In for more than twenty four hours got caught slippin. Yom blockage knocked his Bach off in the first round cohesion was talking shit to license. John Jones. He thought he was ready for the bump up. And now it's rap. The momentum has ceased. What did you think of that fight remembering back to it. I mean yes kind of what you say where you were talking to all that trash you got knocked up young blackledge like listen. I said it before. Valentines ching-kuo has the biggest gap in her. Between the champion and the challengers John Does the second because lease remotely competitive. So tangles demolishing. Everybody but somehow like Corey Anderson says. He's you know the next guy in line. No you're not use. Epic Sleep in nicknames. Always been terrible. He's always struck me as we are due to have that kind of a nickname because man my little brother brother-in-law when he's play wrestling video games. Always like we play like here comes the pain. Any name created wrestlers like the wax. Names like blaster Blazer tasers it's only like the cast of American gladiators right. I think of Corey Anderson like. That's the bishops. You come up with beast. You got beasted congratulate that was just a horrible dictate. It was Karma was coming to get him for that one young pro wrestling. They would have given the deserve chant. We gotta get crowds like pro wrestling crowds. Just you just start. You deserve you. Something really did those companies going for. Y'All black bitch cores does the thing everyone. Does it light heavyweight now? It's called out John Jones. I guess man whatever like you have eight losses like John Jones. Yeah do whatever you can moving on to fight one sixty eight. The week after which. I don't remember where this was New Zealand Auckland New Zealand. We had Paul felder versus Dan. Hooker in what was a very sad match bike. I I've grown to like Paul felder as an analyst right so that and you've on you want a really good streak. One six of his last seven seven last eight but it just showed. Din Hooker to me is better. Paul fielder survived took an ass whooping. And if I was really close do you. Yeah that was a fifty fifty five and that now no three to a four one fell just talking about hanging up like everybody knows. I've been a fan of the American dragon and I think he's excellent. I think he's great. I like him as a person to like I. I don't know how much higher he can go. He can beat up on the middle of the cart like middle of the division. All you want but this was just like I thought Dan Hooker beat him in every aspect. He had to beat them. I had a four one. We didn't want the same fight. I thought Yeah Paul. Do I think it was three to? I think it was split decision. Wasn't it it was close on on what you were watching it anyway. Forty nine percent strike. Total strikes landed to fifty six. Okay sure no take down landed. I Dunno I thought he lost Handley. Maybe too strong right as we might be too strong but I thought he lost in and now Dan Hooker type of guys are feeling as what it might be too strong. Let me dial it back but I thought he lost four two more like I feel like if Dallas to hang around like Paul feels the same type of guy who gives. Everybody always comes as if I think I think also yes. He's like a great analyst. And just you know. The sad part was watching him. Talk about hanging them up. Because he's given so much to the sport like fight brings it every time he fights. I don't WanNa see them. Go like this fight. Was it was entertaining. These guys gave to each other. We'd give each of the business in almost impossible to retire. But you know this is call. And he's got a future and broadcasts because he's really really good. He's really likable. So every job it every judge had it to to going into the fifth and one judge gave it to fell during the fifth. I don't see that at all. I mean because I guess it was one of those things that you use as hooker gotta take now you can do with it so that I finally got the round so it was a but hooker came out gangbusters. Hooker took the first two. I thought he took the third they. Everyone has felt they're taking the third fourth. The fourth I gave I gave to filled it. He dug deep. And then I guess the therms my swing bout. I got to watch the game. Maybe when the third that'd take all this last night I don't believe he'll do retire. I think it was the day so at all. I think he's a hell of a fighter I think in that division. He still is a proud. He's a handful for just everybody in that division. He's fun to watch. So this is if you can't if you can't get to the title when is enough enough because I really like him as as broadcaster so if he's not going to be champion. How long do you fight? You know. I don't know I I want to see him? Fight more fuck. I don't know if you hit that. Robbie lawler stride. You could be right back to the pitch you never know you never know his true so we will move onto the next event which was last weekend but before we do that Carolina Kovic. I'm not sure how she just keeps losing and she got wrecked this one home. She was always to me one of the top you know upper echelon female fighters in any division and then she gets wrecked last week. And maybe I should pay more attention to. I can't pronounce her last name. You GotTa help me. Yon Regardless she wrecked cut. Sign it and she like mess. She broke her orbital the amount the pronunciation police and the Chinese are hard for me but a twelve one record and one no contest speaks for itself. But then you look straight just gets even deeper at the top and two years ago. Was the second best woman of Straw. Wait almost shoes always an excellent striker. But you know sometimes the game just passes you by and this is one of those situations where it just seems like everybody's kind of figured her out and getting your orbital broke a career considering now so you'll know where she goes from here But seeing that it was like damn like I remember you. You know like you said he was one of the ones that we thought was going to make the Alana move up here we are. It's not good. Forget Punch in a facebook. Move UP WAIT. We knew contenders. I Want twenty-five in these top cutting weight. Then we have last weekend two things I want to touch on from that one. I guess three I forgot to put one on our list but the magomed fight. When could Alaba just runs in his face could have a runs in his face and Mayan. Almost takes them down before everything happens. People got to Russia. And I'm like Oh shit we gotta brawl no the end up fighting. And then was the stoppage premature. This tough one could. Obviously he was just he was just acting like he was rocked yet. That's always the bullshit right like somebody said you probably got rock like everybody knocked out. Always there okay. After you know the pools the guy off us like I don't know I was good at being so but I did feel like this was really close so I'm not mad at the stoppage at all but I'm I'm more upset with the excuse. That won't come on Man. Don't you playing possibly do? They gotta run it back No. I don't think that I think is wasted. Time for Michael Man. I think this was like a speed bump fight for him you know and they need new contenders so cute pushing up the rankings. Like I don't need to read that back. But the guy has the wrath game case for it being stopped a little too early. I thought he was GONNA get knocked out sooner or later anyway. Yes he saved them a bunch of pain but who knows? The guy came out as the incredible hulk and he constantly yelling people's faces so who knows I didn't pick him as a winner anyway. Then the two women's featherweight fights had big I guess big stakes heading into this one because we already know that. Amanda is trying to defend both belts which he should need a divisions deep enough verdict vacated title so many needs trying to defend both belts she wants to buy all reports defend it in. May in Brazil so one is four women heading into these fights head to make quick work so that they can do a pretty quick turn around eight weeks to me to fight mandate Nunez Lo and behold tool. Women do a quick turnaround. Megan Anderson knocks out. Dumont in the first round with slick right hand. And then we have Felicia Spencer just wrecking dos Santos in the Co main event who deserves the title fight fleeces Spencer. Making was darling before this though she was but she hasn't looked good. I turned fight like aside from this. She has looked only Greek. I'M GONNA Felisa Spencer doesn't matter they're both GonNa get wrecked but we'll go fleece spencer as really felt like she was really dominant and Again that's like Meghan. Meghan was the darling and I just like. She can wait where you can win. Washy I mean. That's fair like Spencer has a submission victory over right so it should be ended discussion there. But I mean it's not people thought like Okay Megan's done enough to earn it and people that's who people always want to see fight Cyborg since what Shaikh force not strike for every victim. We made it with champion. So you look at it but Spencer has the wind so spencer should probably get the next shot. That's a mentioned that felices Spencer went the distance cyborg. So she's a bad as true. Be Megan Anderson. You went to this Cyborg and then you just completely wreck dos Santos. That's fair enough..

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