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The twenty twenty NFL draft the Las Vegas raiders select Henry Ruggs wide receiver Alabama Henry Ruggs the third wide receiver Alabama ones can score anytime he touches the football even on special teams only Amari Cooper and Jerry Judy has more touchdown catches in family history rugs can fly it is nearly impossible to tackle in the open field he does lack ideal size and needs some Polish as a route runner so there you go the first wide receiver is off the board and it's Henry Ruggs to Los Vegas raiders at number twelve I thought CD lamb was going to be the pick rods has a ton of upside with the speed that he has you know he ran the fastest forty yard dash out of all the wide receivers this past combine with a four point two seven J. R. little surprise here is that could be another wide receiver or did you like this pic of rugs no I I thought it was going to be another wide receiver but obviously they're thinking about somebody who's going to be a small shifty and an end goal down the middle but it was a definite that they were going to have to select the wide receiver after Antonio brown basically takes the last shot yeah Mister big Jessa thank them and now he's he's basically out of the NFL and bringing in Nelson now the lorries he's not excite anybody ask the folks in Philly how they feel about his hand so the raiders needed a wide receiver you know I I think this may be a play or set up you know if if if Marcus Mariota actually gets out there which I believe at some point we might see him this some great versatility on that offense between athleticism a Marriott and the speed of rock so I that's something that's in the back of my head I just hope that the helmet fits for Henry Ruggs when he shows up for his first practice J. R. yeah I I think for rookie I don't think will necessarily have those those problems I would hope so so last year the raiders surprised a lot of people with Cleveland Farrell I'm going number for it now it's Henry Ruggs and Mike mac for years we would hear about it surprise picks the look at when he was on the NFL network now you don't hear about those surprises because he has to surprise the rest of the league being the general manager of the Las Vegas raiders and I think you're exactly right Hey it would not surprise me whatsoever if Marcus Mariota pulls a Ryan Tannehill with what happened to him last year if Derek Carr does not play well in the first half of the season we could see markets Mariota and now whatever's at quarterback for the raiders they're going to get a new wide receiver he's a speedster I was talking to Todd DiBenedetto who's producing this extravaganza for us and he does a bunch of scouting for his website TV scouting dot com and in our show on the vacuum so six to ten weekdays on CBS sports radio listen to J. R. all right after us from ten to two week days as well I've comparison that defense throughout there was actually Tyreek hill with the speed that Henry Ruggs does have so there's a lot of speed there and you know speed just translated the National Football League for for wide receivers I just hope for the raiders isn't Darrius Heyward bey and any turns out to be better just going off the speed not you you just said it you know what they say about speed right Zach what they say they say speed kills okay that's that's a definite he's the fastest guy he's he's not the biggest he's not the strongest but but speed kills and if you don't have confidence in and Derek Carr if Derek Carr doesn't show to have confidence in himself this is a good pick for either quarterback because it's gonna give Derek Carr a bailout someone that he doesn't have the air the ball out to way down field but he can give the ball up in rather a short term and then let the speed take care of itself there from broke so I can understand the pick it's it's not having to necessarily air the ball out or rely on on on accuracy you can dump him the ball and say Hey do it's gonna be a with it and you have to tackle searing Kolton Miller and Trent brown and we'll have to wait and see what does transpire with this raiders offense as you also do have Jacobs is a very talented young running backs so there's pieces the quarterback now I just have to work and I will be looked at and when we look at this we actually have a trade it right now we were supposed to have on the clock here at number thirteen was the San Francisco forty Niners they got this pic from the deforest Buckner traders Reggie the Indianapolis Colts selection now Tampa Bay is moving up so I have two thoughts here either Tampa Bay is moving up to take the last group of that offense alignment are the top four and that would be Tristian worst to try to protect Tom Brady or their galling with another wide receiver and maybe it could be a CD lamb or Jerry Judy so it could be worse here to protect Tom Brady but you do have the box move it up to the box have been a big winner in free agency as you know it all men and how how many more weapons does Tom Brady need to throw the football too I mean I might as well just call up Randy moss and see if he still has a little bit left them they want to it a ball up it's it does a lot of guys you bring in Gronkowski you have god when you have Evans you have break there's a lot to do oops to get the ball to if you're Tom Brady do they go get ahead and get a a slot guy I mean Jerry Judy is a big cat what do you do you get another one I don't like that I I would assume it's common sense would say maybe get alignment but what Wilder things have happened yeah I think they're going to go offense of line here but if they do go Jerry Judy who actually you know Judy our land here I think would be a very good pick and and Judy I think would fit perfectly into the way that Brady wants to run that offense I just have the feeling that they're going to go offense the offense of line here with work still available but if they go with with with the wide receiver Jason white is going to turn into Oprah Winfrey just go when you get a wide receiver you got a wide receiver you get a wide receiver and giving out presents the newly acquired Tom Brady so I think it's going to be worse just because they traded up to get him that is my first gut instinct on this you know you know when I look at this but if they go wide receiver I can't complain either because the time to win is now for Tampa Bay with Tom Brady there for two years and who knows how much longer he'll play after that yeah you got two years you gotta go for it I think they're pretty sight there's only there's only two areas in my opinion that they're extremely weak I think when you look at their defensive backs and you look at the offensive line they have monsters up front bring in ensuing pass rushers and and and you also still have Barrett they almost had twenty sacks lastly yeah yes C. L. was up twenty sacks so I mean you you have these players there on defense you have the offense of skill players this get you fixed the line you get a corner and a lot of times it's not worth it to go ahead and get a young corner especially when you're trying to win a media at Lee so I let's see what happens I would I would think they go what lawn but Bruce Aryan sitting in his little his chair there you look he looks quite comfortable so what whatever they grab he's going to be happy I am we have the details of the trade press Adam Schefter Tampa coming up to San Francisco spot and it's going to be San Francisco getting picks up fourteen one seventeen and giving thirteen and its last seventh rounder port per a source I'm going to say that this is that this is offense of line if they're moving out because there's one of those top four still available here our service members for your courage and sacrifice on behalf of our country the San Francisco forty Niners have traded the thirteenth pick to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with the thirteenth pick in the twenty twenty NFL draft the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Tristen Worf's tackle Iowa we're still works tackle Iowa a three year starter works finished his Hawkeye career as a first team all America he surprisingly athletic for someone six five three twenty making him a good fit for zone blocking schemes and dangerous on the second level he lacks ideal length and struggled at times against aids speed so some teams see him as a guard in the NFL by the way he's young but has plenty of room for improvements and now Tristan worse becomes the eleventh Iowa offense of linemen taken in the first round of all time nine Iowa offensive tackles have been drafted under Kirk Ferentz their head football coach who only does is produce offense alignment or a really solid tight ends into the National Football League if you're Tom Brady and that new state that you have that you're renting from Derek Jeter is just as long as Tom Brady's not going into other people's houses I read a report today that he thought he was going into Byron Leftwich house and it was some random guy in Tampa Bay I was just sitting on the phone and Brady walks center Brady had to get sent home from the park those have been the the biggest issue so far for Tom Brady in Tampa Bay but he has to be healthy and going on out there and that their team acquiring Tristen worse it was also a rustler and Brady was in New England they had a wrestler to in Steven Nelson and then there was one more the year a you know another wrestling that did turn into an offense sulaimon in New England as well so they're not you know this is something that brings used to a former wrestler turning into a football player having success interest and worse is the pick as the as the Buccaneers move up from fourteen to thirteen and swap with the forty Niners the forty Niners are on the clock at fourteen we'll find out of the NFC champions do select when they come back I would think it would be a wide receiver I thought I would think it would be only one wide receiver off the board and that of course was Jerry.

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