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So there's even level of this layers been, you know, medication seems to me to be a real hot button, so we're de stigmatizing idea that you might have depression anxiety or or ADHD or whatever it is you have, but if you're on Ned, whoa, whoa, wait a minute. That's a whole nother story. So we're we're a long way off from solving all this Jalen rose told you an interesting story in that story and piece right that that was an. Interesting. Well, you tell that store Jackie? Yeah. So Jalen was with the Indiana. Pacers was very, very excited about the trade really excited to be there. Love Donny walls gets there, and Larry Brown's, the coach, and he and Larry Brown off on the wrong foot. And you know, in Jalen my Larry Brown just doesn't like him, doesn't like them Jalen you know, said the next thing, you know they're, they're starting talking to him about adeem course. It's now we know it's now ADHD, but they're, you know, back then they call it ADD and he said, you know, this guy comes in starts asking me questions and checking me out, and and then all of a sudden the Pacers declare, I have ADD ADHD and I need medication and Jalen mind. It was Larry Brown's way of saying, all right, I wanna play this guy. Now I got a reason not, you know, guys at my type, he isn't my guy now. I don't have to play him anymore. So Jalen tells the story. They put him on this medication and takes medication the minute. They leave throws it all the trash. You never took it hit it. So month goes by, and he starts to get the play a little bit. He's playing better. In practice and all of a sudden he's playing the game and Larry Brown and the staff coming up to insane c. you know, isn't this great. We got this control now and you're, you're playing much better and feeling Brown's laughing, thinking Yemen have right and take any details now and the funniest part is Jalen versus it you. Maybe I had it then maybe I haven't now I just didn't want the medication now we'll never know what he benefited from the medication. We'll never know. But you know, it can also be used as in Jalen mine. It was being used to punish him. Now I tried to reach Larry Brown. I think I'm one number behind on. He's moving target is, you know? So I didn't get a chance to speak with him. But my guess is he would tell you, look, I was just trying to help the kid. The kid couldn't focus. He couldn't concentrate. I want him to be the best player could be. You can see both sides to that story easily. Right. Absolutely. Jackie, this is tremendous. I appreciate you taking the time in the series is outstanding. It started appreciate one day. It's on ESPN dot com. The Marcus Morris piece is up on Tuesday. Warning and it runs through the weekend, Jackie tremendous work is always, and thanks for stopping in. I enjoyed it. Thanks, I appreciate it. Thanks for listening to this episode of the wochit pod, a big. Thank you to my guest today, Jackie MacMullan. Remember you can subscribe and listen to archived episodes of this podcast. Wherever you go to get your pots. You can find us on apple podcasts, and of course a big, thank you to our sponsor today. ZipRecruiter, be sure to support them the way they support us, here's the woke pod will catch next time.

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