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Heart Robert Pack and air stricklin as the guards Steve Nash coming off the bench as well as sets abolish also come after bench Nowitzki playing center guess Michael Finley and then your fifth starter who had sixteen rebounds at night and played forty minutes. Dennis rodman. Dennis rodman. How many teams pay for them be long? If twelve games of my beat writing life. God Dallas didn't even remember forty. He put forty minutes at a game for the barracks. No recollection of this used to shower before games. But not after what it what it do what a. Hater. I wonder what's hold that thought about Dirk in the Taoist pantheon 'cause I wanna come back to that. Because that's a great conversation. The Donncha gin gin in June. So Dallas wins the title in two thousand eleven dirt gets his belated recognition as one of the greats. And now, I think he's one of the keys in the top sixteen fi. If I made my top twenty list, he's somewhere sixteen seventeen at the past Malone. I think you pass Barclay. I think he might have even past Julius Erving. But then the next five six years frustrating. Try the, you know, going back to Tyson Chandler, leaving the next eight not just party, I guess next. They were never able to really properly defend the title it became clear about four years ago that they were just complete completely wasting Dirks post prime. They took a lot of swings. Rondo come comes in and out through there and made some big signings. West bath is coming off an achilles that didn't work. They really paid for Harrison Barnes who I actually will not a bad thing. Harrison Barnes on your team. You just don't pay him twenty four million. They went through the Deandra Jordan car wash in came out covered in a soap. Then finally get him this year. Probably a couple years too late everything they did just either didn't work or they had bad luck or poor vision, or whatever you want to say. And then this dancers thing makes up for it. I did they know immediately that that was going to be a transformative trader where they just hoping. I think they they can't say that they knew for sure, but look Donnie Nelson. You know, he's Donnie Nelson player. Donnie, Nelson is the one Don Nelson will admit Donnie, Nelson is the one who found her who pushed for Nash. And this is, you know, Cuban I told him the other day won the lottery again, like he, you know, now the Mavs finally have a poster future. Yeah. And and in this this one guy is is, you know? You need three great players at the to really compete for championships. I think we all know that in an agree with that. So there's still miles from that. But if this really is Dirk last year, no matter what happens to matter who else is on that roster. You've got Donncha, which you've got a piece that your fans are going to be excited about who's gonna keep the building full someone who Durkan actually hand the torch to I mean, they gave up a lot for him and everybody wants to crush the hawks. And I know you've been you've been at the front of that line. But you know, let's see what they get with other pick Dallas sent them. I mean, so. Oh, it's hot the man lot. No, I'm not..

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