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Chase for having me. And I've loved just being able to talk with you today. So you can find me on Instagram that is main platform that I'm on. I tad doctor Shiva or through my website, doctor Shiva Sara dot com. If you're interested in therapy or code chain or just learning more about self confidence and wellness, and then what I would leave you with is, you know, we talked about a lot. Today, and so, as we've already said, this is easier, something done, but not allowing all of this to overwhelm you and really seeing it as is there one thing that I can start intentionally focusing on today, either related to my self confidence or my relationships. And identifying just one small stuff you can take. So if it's around your confidence, what is one small thing that you can do today? If it's around your relationships, what is one small skill that maybe you can start practicing and starting from there and recognizing that it takes time and you will you will get there with time and just the patients and the passion with yourself. Well, our listeners can find all the links in your website at ido podcast dot com and in the show notes and thanks again for coming on the show. Thank you so much. Take care everyone. Thank you guys so much for tuning into today's episode. As always, all the links to the guest as well as any of their recommendations will be in the show notes page. You can find the link to that in the episode description or by going to I do podcast dot com. Click on the podcast tab up at the top and you will have access to all the episodes that we've ever done. There are over 300 of them. And while you're on our website, if you haven't checked out our free 14 day happy couple challenge, we really hope you do. It's a free email challenge that we send to you. It's 14 days of fun, easy, doable challenges to help strengthen and improve your relationship. And if you're looking for something that provides a little more help with working on your relationship, whether it's improving intimacy or communication with your partner or just bringing the spark back. We would love for you guys to check out our online course, spark, my relationship, we're offering a $100 off to all of our listeners if you go to spark my relationship dot com slash unlock. We've worked with over 15 psychologists and therapists to create the real life tools and strategies that they are teaching their clients. So we wanted to give them to you. It's a self paced online course that can be done in as little as a month or up to three months. You can really decide how much or how little you want to do with your partner. Or maybe just yourself. So we hope you guys check that out. It's a spark, my relationship dot com,.

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