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Out to myself or my my buddy paul gordon we have a website that we we built together 'em i would say just try it like yeah there there's a big misconception that you know it's really difficult to load up the plastic 'em you turn it on you hit a button you go to settings seed rotated a hit the button again but the temperature and then you squeeze a little handle and you pushing the plastic and pops out now it's loaded and so i i showed some people had a loaded and they were like wait that's it i'm like yeah they're like there's gotta be like impossible the friend like no you find a file and that's why i have students do person i know do something with teachers i give them something first which is their name plate by friday of the first week they're printing i don't wait a month or you know spring break will have time that's why i have i printers 'cause we gotta start printing right away 'em so they find something that's already created and they said it's print and have teachers do the same thing and then i tell now design something imprinted and after that loss and don't go back to find himself unless he needed to manipulate it 'em i think people will get scared to they see like pictures of like huge blobs of plastic ashley that just comes off really easy just heat back up and pull it off and then mother that just comes off as a clown but i think people see the horror stories and they're like oh it's gotta be impossible and it's it's not anymore so we have a blog post by his this that's going to be on our on our website coming up soon i i've i've read it a a bunch of times and and and i'm really excited to share it out 'em in other other otherwise he's is how can people connect with you learn from you shero you're you're socials year website all of all of that stuff so people can can reach out if they wanna learn more sure 'em my twitter handle is at has seuss h nineteen seventy nine so that's j e s u s h one nine seven nine 'em follow me there or just look at my my history and you'll find seven three d printing other stuff too but it isn't like been my i guess the thing but i just keep focusing on i keep coming back to 'em if they wanna see tutorials on how they used reprint in the classroom i have my blog which is mr worth a class dot weekly dot com 'em it might email let's teach nineteen seventy nine at g mail dot com also the website that i built without power gordon he's also a big three d print guy a in in education 'em easy as one two three d dot org any of those sites or good but yeah he came up with the name i can't take credit for that i should but again 'em any of those an i mean if if for some reason they're like i can't get it to work i mean i i hope somebody hit reply to you know what they are now but i'll make like a skype i'll make us zoomed video i'll make a gift and just say you know what this is what you're doing long or you know you're right here at the step this is the next step you're almost there amazing casey's thank you so much for joining us so we will put all of his contact information in the show notes thanks so much appreciate it man thanks for listening on education my name's mike washburn my co host is glenn urban wanna get in touch with us check out website at on education podcasts dot com you can tweet us at on education pod glenn is at or spanish on twitter i can be found on twitter at mr washburn you can find us on facebook by visiting facebook dot com slash on education is high were also on instagram at on education five if you're enjoying the show and think others would to we'd be thrilled if you shared it with them leave leave us a rating or review on apple podcasts or on the google play store when you leave a rating and give their rankings.

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