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Talk about that for a second. The preaching of the of the word does not merely make salvation possible but it actually affects salvation to those who are called in. So let's let's let's talk about that. Jt is that is gonna be a distinction and we're going to need for the rest of the book. Yeah so when we talk about what jesus accomplished for us two thousand years ago and think about that symptoms. I just used accomplished is important. Jesus does not make our salvation possible. He makes our salvation. Actual we are not the ones who are Make our salvation effective when we believe now. Belief is absolutely required. How how how will they know unless they believe we have. We have to here and we have to respond through faith. Which is the gift of god. Through grace that we receive. But it's really important for us to also know that I'm not sure if you want to get into like atonement theory here. We might want to save that for a bill. But i do think that what we can talk about is the factual call of salvation. Yeah so god. God the father god the son and god the holy spirit are all active in the work of salvation. God the father sends the sun god. The son accomplishes salvation for us on. The cross doesn't make it possible in god the holy spirit defects and applies that that gospel into our lives that we weren't sitting back kind of self actualising waiting to see if we had a good idea about the gospel. Then god save us. We are dead in our trespasses and sins and got effectual of effect is is an important word there effects us like something happens to us not uh-huh to something else and we are saved and that effectual call accompanies the actual proclamation hearing of the gospel. Yeah in god's wisdom sovereignty in providence. He has declared and ordained. This is his method of salvation. God the father sending out the sun. God the senate accomplishing salvation. God the holy spirit effecting and applying that work through the proclamation of the gospel through the gift of grace through faith when we believe. Yeah if you think about The words of the him he breaks the power of canceled san. He sets the prisoner free. The of salvation is an act of power. And i don't think we always reflect on that that it's not simply That god exercises his power on our behalf but that he breaks the power that we were living under And that that's what the good news is doing for us is it's you know it's it's it's not simply being transferred we sometimes we'll say from the kingdom of darkness keenum flight. We are forcibly placed from one kingdom into another as an act of god's power and that is exactly what the word salvation here is carrying with it. So this word here what he says. It's the power of god for salvation. This word here. His paul's used the word. Salvation is always of spiritual deliverance. It's always so and deliverance. Is that what you're talking about. it's that removal. It's not just like a door is opened. Its doors open. Hey if you want life you go that way though. It's this deliverance deliverance. From what well. It's salvation from the just judgment of god's deliverance from god's just judgment against said ship with god it's deliverance from the terror of shame which paul smith talk about and it's deliverance to freedom in god's world it's deliverance from the evil powers of the world and has deliverance to participation god's kingdom salvation as paul talks about it here is spiritual deliverance for everyone who believes here. When i hear these words. I think about moses and the old testament type of our salvation right. Moses is not ashamed to stand before pharaoh and then god delivered..

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