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She and exceptional reporter for years. She's also catch on NFL live as an inside and a commentator is well, let's not sit up there and just limit up to just the reporting stuff. She's right here with yours. Truly Stephen A on ESPN radio, those Josie. And let me ask you this question being assigned does locker rooms tell me the difference between layers talk. About Tom Brady and play his talking about big. But rothlisburger. Well, I think the first thing that comes to mind, whether it's people talking or whether it's an outside perception is that you don't hear the same drama associated around Tom Brady in the way that you more. So here it with Ben Rothlisberger weather. It is over his decision. If he's coming back or not if there are things going on in the locker room, if it's you know, some people's impression of overplaying an injury or not I'm not saying that you haven't heard anything around Tom Brady. Because obviously the first thing that comes to mind is the Seth liquor Shan peace with regards to his trainer and Bella check. And you know, what role or not did he have with regards to their backup quarterback becoming the starting quarterback of the forty Niners. They'll say you never hear anything. But my answer to your question is that you hear it with more consistency. With Ben Rothlisberger. And it's not to say that everything is better everything is dramatic. But to certainly hear that a little bit more in terms of maybe his personality, and maybe how he gets along with his teammates and times of high tension and pressure, and it's not to say that he has not been a good leader. Certainly we know what his Super Bowl resume is. But I think that you hear that aspect of what we're talking about a little bit more frequently than you do with Tom Brady. So soon as right here was leaving. They SPN radio ESPN news. So let's transition to the to the Super Bowl compensation because personally speaking, I think America would have loved to have seen either a rematch a Kansas City and the LA Rams on that Monday night encounter that ended with a fifty four fifty one win for the Rams early in the seasons greatest NFL game. I'd ever been to all we would have preferred to see somebody like drew Brees against Patrick Mahomes. I think a lot of people tired of seeing the New England. Patriots outside of New England. But here they are talk to me about just a fervor around this Super Bowl compared to what you may have intimidated coming into those conference championship games. When I definitely think there would have been more kind of a freshness around for me in particular, the Rams and Kansas City, just because you would have had the two young whippersnapper quarterbacks particularly with all the headlines kinda emerged this season with the younger quarterbacks with the younger, you know, head coach typing head coach types in Sean McVay that would have been more interesting. There is a sense of you know. Okay. But at the same time with the patriots, I'm saying, but at the same time, there's a respect and a certain reverence with, wow, you know, they did it again. And during the season, Stephen I did talk to someone from the patriots organization who at the time when the ravens were streaking and the saints were striking and the chiefs were speaking, you know, I'm like, you know, guys have that same type of office to keep up with these offenses, and that person, and you know, I'm only gonna talk to people who matter and that person said let me tell you something what those teams have to show is that. They have the ability to adjust everything that they've been doing that. They put on tape that. Now, people are going to study that will kinda slow you down with everybody realizes a little bit more what you're doing. So this person said the experience of managing that in the postseason, and knowing how to turn it up with that same experience. I think is what is going to get us over the top. And at the time, everyone was all the time, right? Edited it up and look how they proved us wrong. At once again when everybody thought the patriots were done they're back there again..

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