Pittsburgh Steelers, Pat Summerall, Aaron Rodgers discussed on The Adam Carolla Show


But for here. I don't understand this. This is one of my ongoing complaints now in the twenty first century sports media. Shame the devil. Yes. The greatest broadcasters of all time, some who would be held up at least as being that Harry. Carey the cubs, obviously, legendary announcer provincial. Dave will point out Myron cope Doppler yoy. Pittsburgh Steelers are poised to strike all that stuff. Pat Summerall like a famous luck dried he and Brooke Shire went on famous twisters together. And they would now though, I my first time at the at the Super Bowl in Super Bowl forty five Steelers and Packers. I may have mentioned I root for the Steelers as an exciting evening for me to be attending that Super Bowl as an NFL employee. And I was in the press box and early in the game. I express joy or sorrow. What I probably was sorrow since Aaron Rodgers was good in that first half. I said, hey, hey, hey, whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Got to keep it down in the press box. Can't can't can't express Mariah what? And then I was told. I said why don't they have booze up here anymore and people? Oh, they used to have keg. They have a keg beer in the press box. Now. Shame the devil that you would ever have nip. What what are we doing? We're not doing ocular surgery. We're doing we're talking about sports. I concur. I concur. It's an outrage. But anyway, yeah, Frank it was he was as close to the play by play guys, you could get, but he wasn't really that. That was a great booth. Any who let's move onto our next song? Let's since we've already heard the heights. Let's go to what Corolla has mentioned as as the bottom of things here. Gary play us one of these country style theme songs. The party. Non alcoholic..

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