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Troy grady williams. Mj stewart aj green. Now the thing is that denzil ward is terrific out. Quarterback said some injuries. grading williams. We haven't seen much injury. Greg newsom tested off the shots to draw network in terms of bull the had the highest average across all the different areas. That great. A cornerback on and that that's massive. I thought he was not steel for the browns late in the draft. That was harvey's in slipped to the second and you might be the steelers. When i saw him slip as far as he. Did you know what i know. People say well if he wanted he slipped like online sa- tan patrick tan and jesse hahn. The fact of the matter is is that he didn't have a full splash. Plays although some of these other guys had bit. It's across the board. It's the development potential that he's got in the most nfl ready that he is. Don't sleep on greg niece in the second steel slate when he will make us pay browns. But maybe maybe the browns. The browns onto the bengals. Let's be one of the bengals sar right now. In terms of what they are all stories looking like you're talking about user detain being the quarterback Backed up our brandon allen running backs. Jeremy stance maget parade. Chris evans wide. Receivers machos. Tyler boyd or tight. Stanley morgan obviously that that quartet. If you like of take higgins jamaa Toddler gordon tight. nazi for then. You're in somalia. Parade can do a little bit in the running game. They probably they probably going to bolster that up. Just let the skills of bolstering news on lost twenty four hours offensive lineman journal williams quinton. Spain trae hopkins executives saw off hilo riley rafer johnson deontay smith jackson common trae. He'll isaiah prince now. Trae hill in jackson calm and coming from the drought and jackson common. They i'm surprised they picked him. They did they go to trader back. A little bit more there. Fred johnson who spent some time on a steelers practice squad. I think it was in terms of pricing lost. Jim i've been need before china williams People constantly sat there and endorsing develop in developing bit. Rally raped so many veteran. They're more the right tackle position so they've got a whole lot is could be surprised to be surprising line. And all i'm gonna say is like durbars got approved in the second year. He's got a backup where he was. People lost she in the draft and backup that he didn't just this miraculous run But what i look at this offensive line just is boy. I think some people are still has a lot of us to think that people sleeping on the power of the is offensive. line done sleep on the bengals offensive. Y they've actually kept upright and they've done kane in these preseason surf. Aw whether they can hold that out of games the question but will say defensive one and so this is actually the pancu supreme strong right like we can go on about the bungles and all the rest of it but like sam homicides nurse slump beige. He'll digital radio. Larry injury trey hendrickson josh. Cheaper to darris hodge Khalid corinne cameron sample taller sheldon. They're actually a couple of decent magna's names that chiefly data Jarvi trey hendrickson decent quality. There donald sleep on that name not going to be as easy for the bengals week bail and if they it looks easy that's offensive. Line is doing well as well particularly like kendrick green line. Bekker's lugging wilson jemaine I came davis gave jordan evans. Marcus valley that's gonna be a wave to them think that's People caught in the tomato policy game to tiki. Given the guys that we've got that are gonna be over that area as well. That's gonna be a real challenge for that one backing wall Of the bengals when they play the steelers and the challenge when they play. I can to our quarterback trae wines. Today be larussa mike. You'll neyla apple. Darius fields jan davis. Now you look at apple. You look if he's used right. That's my big question. Can the bengals using ryan stansky Fences the browns seem say Winkle on the courage of from the bengals but your descartes cheese and as bad as what it used to be but can they use. He'll probably know. I've said when we started blooming lost hilton said to touch under the had this premonition that mike you have lost less than they were now using. Then he comes back to. The steelers haven't been heights. Guaranteed money now but when you look at that cool for them. And try wayne's that's not terrible. They could surprise they could do better. I'm not here not not a bengals heimer. I know it's not saying like it. You tend to some of the things i'm saying. That wouldn't sleep on them as much as you think they. Yes if resume before his inauguration but their bed attain their team that is on the rise and it like every acquisition has made but they have started to improve then. It safety jessie bates. We are the power him von bell. gee-gee lost year ricardo allen. Whose dow kinsman say. I'll brandon wilson. That's a decent safety cool. That kind economy expect was there. Other teams ran late. Whatever was safety corwin Specialist team clock hours. Kevin ever mcpherson. Really stills fans will like who says. Adc dating interesting in terms perspective. You know they're they're constantly looks like Dinner and obviously the big barness for us is that go. Joseph asyout eugene having him the albertson injury He's also out of texas. As a texas longhorns fan i can tell you the positive for us law be bengals enough to guard against him with the baltimore ravens so the writings Day there spanish inside inari. We are bonds to Steals podcasts in the ravens sir. In terms. Of how i pull this up some and do it by the debt shot at the Sorry by the amendment. But it's it's probably in remove position than anything else sorted at the center position They have a charleston colon at the cornerback. Position they've anthony. Everett mall humphry mockus. Paid is jimmy smith chris. West retailing young brandon stevens. now At the defensive back but we are tight on young we know. Jimmy smith we know. Mock state isn't on humphry Those guys at dangerous defensive ends in class candle derek. Wolfe can wolf show up. That's the big question to the writings of Destruction class campbell coles at defensive tackle that got justin k And they've got broderick. Washington's while poss- brandon williams of brain williams beginning that sitting there as well so it's interesting to say what he's going to bring to the main Patrick ricard he missed the fullback each a day os while whether ended another defensive line. Big boy Ben cleveland at god tari phillips god ben pows at god kevin zeitler god bradley bozeman. God center patrick. Macari called center. We know that you saw him against the heels also saw some way would Way through some white would snaps toward the end of the season. You've got christian. Welsh justice taco crispell malek harrison dialing hayes interesting linebacker. They're indictment hayes out of the draft out of notre dame. Patrick mcqueen comes back on and he stood seasons. Immune interesting full music Donald patrick Say he does terrifically well for them. Said big ben in. We'll have to watch out for Middle field postle that the sentence that short housing Snapper need more ties. Thousa- john ferguson Justin houston or dafa away. Now we know that he's stunned some size as well since he can do. The draw from penn state. He's gonna he's gonna be a decent rush addition for them as another one..

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