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1979. At 7 38 here's Ralph Fox and that'll be TLP traffic center. Dull Virginia, we're looking at you, Centreville, in the area of Centreville road after new Braddock road, follow police direction due to a reported crash, you'll want to follow and look for the responses. Well, over in herndon, the fairfax county Parkway, both was at Franklin farm road at a reported crash there earlier as well. On the beltway on the Virginia side, the inner loop ramp to get to route 66 to have the right side blocked due to a crash. Also in the backup second crash there is blocking the right lane. So if you need to get through that spot, you're going to need some extra time for sure. And earlier concern in the district on the southeast Southwest freeway, the eastbound ramp to get to southbound south capitol street has now been cleared traffic picking up nicely and moving at speed at this point and on the Maryland side. Branch avenue, both ways near silver hill road to Hana reported crash there in camp springs branch avenue between Allentown road and the beltway had the left side blocked due to an earlier crash as well. Taking a look at two 70 on the Maryland side and no reported delays as you make your way down to the capitol beltway. 95 between the beltway and Baltimore in pretty good shape as well. The Baltimore Washington Parkway. You got some minor slowing on the southbound side. Once you get past the russet, Maryland city area, you're going to be slow past one 97, then it picks up and you're in good shape, making your way down to the beltway, taking a look at two 95 in the district, just some minor slowing in the area of east capital outside of that things are pretty good there and once you make your way south of the beltway on the Virginia side, 95 you're in pretty good shape as you make your way down through lower and you're going to see some slowing across the arc of then it picks up again. So minor slowing as you make your way towards dumfries. Outside of that, things in pretty good shape at this hour. Your small business keeps you on the go, progressive commercial insurance keeps your policy within reach with their easy to use mobile app. Learn more at progressive commercial dot com. Ralph Fox WTO traffic. Well, thank you. Now your storm team four four day forecast. Here's NBC four. A nice warmup in the forecast after a chilly and wintry start to the weekend, heading through the evening into tonight, a multi cloudy sky. It'll be chilly as mentioned

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