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Whatever you know you you love to have a chance to wear your company she's not come from a country colors yellow form colors on that podium and present the flag if you become one of those metal is the motive for gold crowns so whatever so it's been a day we've been communicating or whatever that process is all wet would love to have more campers and where Michigan Jersey just like his brother and not some point you know compete for university Michigan and help this team in many ways possible they become a student athlete here at the university I think that's the tack to go because you're not pushing him right now and say make give us a decision right now you're given that kit the rope he needs to be on guard that I think you'll be very selfish of us if we if we try to pressure him in that way I hope he realizes that experience I hope the player to know a player takes a player to know a player hope he recognizes how much care you're putting in here that Franz Wagner for listening in Germany and I don't know if he is right but I don't know if I'm allowed food may because of if you W. arts I said it reset or you didn't say his name but listen man we are we're again so proud of you we look forward to what you're gonna do and best of luck in all that you do when when we're up on campus will say ID all right all right we guard you're always welcome to come here you guys are missing family so I'm just so happy for you guys he says we keep doing the maps for you thank you son Howard everybody thank you to one wow let's take a break let's take a break that was good stuff yeah and I love just hearing from his perspective like it is he's making the transition but he's doing it in a humble way I think that's one of those moments where an NBA guy came to college to make it work and the brand new B. and have it right don't let it go to your head he does it he's very humble and that's the approach she's gonna take which I think is going to help him out all right on the other side of the break we got John Kerry are we doing that I think we yeah we are based profs got rid gal ski in our three and a rush Markazi we're talk more basketball and all that other stuff so we'll be back it's this club is filled in for Jim Rome on CBS sports radio you're listening to the Jim Rome show message and data rates may apply earning your degree from one of the top business schools in the.

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